Airline Pet Policy Questions

Airline Pet Policy QuestionsFlying with a pet?   Have questions regarding airline pet policy?

  • Need to know what type of carrier you will need?
  • What does your pet need to fly as cargo?
  • Will the airlines transfer your pet from one plane to another?

Post your questions here and we will respond within 24 hours. You can also find information here: airline pet policies.


Airline Pet Policy Questions — 200 Comments

  1. Hello – I’m traveling from Germany to the USA. I’m military and will be taking a contracted flight to Baltimore. Now from Baltimore to North Dakota is where I’m going to have to find an airline that will except my 2 Frenchies. So far Delta is telling me no flat out for that breed. Researching on the internet ain’t moving me much further. Do you know any airline in which they can travel with us?

  2. Josephine – we are not aware that Air NZ requires an agent do the booking. As for the overnight transit, it would depend on the facilities available to Air NZ at Auckland. If they can arrange it, then it may be possible without entering NZ. Good question for the airlines.

  3. Hi, we’re leaving Noumea, New Caledonia to go back to United States. Would like to take our dog on the same flight with us on Air NZ, are we able to do that without an agent? Can we transit overnight with her in Auckland? Pls advise on how we should do this. Thanks.

  4. Mira – we do not know of any airline that will allow hedgehogs in the cabin. Rarely are animals other than dogs and cats permitted to fly in-cabin unless they are service animals or ESAs. You can speak to your airline, but, to carry animals, all cargo holds must be temperature and pressure controlled. Ask if there are any modifications that you can do to the crate that will allow for stable temperatures for your pet.

  5. Why am I not able to keep my hedgehog in the cabin with me? My little baby would not be able to survive in checked baggage because he is unable to adjust to large changes in temperature.

  6. Hello Cindy – Trinidad’s regulations for pet import are pretty strict. Your puppy will need a microchip, rabies vaccination, 30 day wait, then a blood titer test 5 months prior to entering. As rabies vaccinations cannot be administered before 3 months of age, you are looking at 9 months of age before the puppy can enter Trinidad. Details are here:

  7. Hi I am planning to shift to Mauritius and I have 2 pet dogs (Breed: Pug and Cocer Spaniel). I would like to know how can i take them with me and what official formalities have to be done.

  8. Jacqueline – we would suggest that you enlist the assistance of a licensed agent to customs clear your cats in China. Regulations say one pet per passport, but a local agent may be able to help with that, especially if you do not speak the local language. Try

  9. Hi I am traveling to China with my boyfriend and we have 3 cats. I read here that there are different rules that apply when bringing more than the allowed one pet per passport. Where can I find this information? Other than contacting agencies in China, which I have, but there is a hard time communicating.

  10. Lauren – the requirements do not specify that you travel on the same airline as your pet. Also, know that pets traveling as air cargo are not guaranteed to be on the same plane as their owners anyway. they are subject to the demands on the cargo hold. Just know what the rules are for claiming your pet. Many airlines will not hold a pet over a certain length of time.

  11. Hi, I will be relocating to HK and I am working with the Vet to get all the paperwork ready. Coming from Thailand, my dog will have to go through quarantine anyways. Since I have to send my dog by manifest Cargo (HK rules) I decided to use Cathay Pacific. My question is, do i have to also be traveling on the same plane or can I use a different airline and pick her up when I arrive ?since pets get sent to a different arrival hall altogether, I thought I might use a cheaper flight to do my travel and then go to the cargo arrivals.

  12. I have a question. I’m in the USA traveling to Australia with an adult cat. I’m currently working with her vet getting her prepared and also looking in to pet shipping services through IPATA certified companies which is what United said pets have to go through. Though I read that if your animal is registered as a emotional support animal (ESA) as mine is the airline cannot charge you any extra fees and that they may board with you. Though I wonder how she would be transferred to quarantine apon arrival. If anyone has any tips Id really appreciate it.

  13. Veronica – it is rare that an airline will fly two cats over 6 months in the same crate on international flights. Japan Airways does not allow two pets per crate either (that are not kittens). Not sure of your route and who serves it, but you may want to consider who flies the route most directly with the least amount of stops and check that airline’s pet policy. Getting your pets to their destination quickly is real important. Having them layover for hours in a foreign country will not help them, regardless of whether they are traveling together or not.

  14. In another 5 months I will be relocating to Japan since my fiance is in the military. I have two cats that are already in the process of getting ready for the move. I am going to fly with Japan Airline, but can’t seem to find any information if I could fly both of my cats in the same crate. If they do not allow it what other airlines will accept them both being in the same crate. I want to make for sure they are together because even when they are both in different rooms they start crying because they miss each other!!!

  15. Alisha – you need to find out ahead of time whether your pup can travel in the cabin. Best to take your pup in its carrier to the airport and ask a reservations agent whether it would be allowed. If they say yes, be sure and note who you spoke with and the time you spoke with them.

  16. Thanks, Jason!

    Do you know what the outcome would be if I got there and they said he couldn’t be up in the cabin with me? How do you prepare your pet for this without knowing? Purchase two carriers one for in cabin (soft sided) and one for cargo (hard and more secure) and bring them both?

  17. Alisha – enforcement by the airline agent at the reservation desk is something no one can predict. Generally, pets flying on international flights are weighed, but this might not happen in your case. Or you can try taking your pet in its carrier to the check-in desk and ask someone whether you should expect any problems. (be sure and get their names).

  18. Hello, I have a quick question. I am moving from the U.S. to Berlin soon and my dog is moving with me. He weighs about 7.7 kg but I know that the weight limit for AirBerlin is 8 kg including the pet carrier to ride in the cabin. He is small and I will definitely purchase a carrier that meets their size regulations and is lightweight, however I just want to make sure that he will be able to be in the cabin with me. He is considered a snub-nose breed and I would worry about his safety due to greater risk of respiratory issues if he was in the cargo. Does AirBerlin weigh the animal if he is small enough to fit in the carrier and stand up and turn around? Will he be able to sit with me even if he is a little heavier than the limit?

    Thank you!

  19. Vandita – live animals may enter India only as checked baggage or air cargo. In both cases, your pets will travel in the hold of the airplane. Also, be sure that you know the regulations to import a rabbit into India. Rabbits are not considered pets like cats, dogs and small birds.

  20. Novi – you can contact Singapore Airlines with your inquiry, but we doubt that it would be allowed. Most foreign-based airlines will honor service animals (although not all of them do), but the acceptance of ESAs is not widely allowed outside of US-based airlines.

  21. I would like to bring my rabbit and bird which are very small but are they allowed in the airplane itself? I’ve booked flight to India in the winter and want to take them as well as come back safely with them the airplane?
    Also I do not want them to go on a cargo.
    Please help!

  22. Hi, I have an emotional support dog and it is a pitbull.
    I usually use singapore airlines to travel back and forth from LA to Jakarta. I know that there are breed restrictions on a pitbull for that airline. But would i still be bale to bring my pitbull if it is an esa? We are transiting in singapore, and i know the breed is illegal there.


  23. Lorraine – Thai Airways does fly into France (Paris) and does allow pets to fly as checked baggage in the hold of the aircraft.

  24. Hi,

    Thanks for your reply. Can thai airways fly a dog into france? And if so, can it go as excess baggage?


  25. Lorraine – Thai Airlines is not approved to fly pets into Glasgow from a non-listed country, so we don’t believe that they fly pets on this route. The airlines that are approved: United, Thomson, KLM/Air France and Emirates Cargo. Thomson will require an agent and KLM/Air France may as well. If they best serve your route, they may have an agent that they want you to use. If not, find on at

  26. I’d like to transport my dog from BKK to GLA – she has all her necessary vet document and i am now left with the challenge of arranging her to fly as Cargo. How can i arrange this through Thai airlines? Can i arrange it directly, or must i use a freight company to do it for me? If so, can you recommend one for me please?


  27. Dave – I would suggest contacting your airline and asking if they would accept it in the cabin. The airlines do not advertise that they will accept turtles in the cabin, but it is worth asking.

  28. I am vacationing in Florida and would like to purchase a small tortoise while here, it is not much bigger than a half a dollar, can I bring it into the cabin with me, it would be in a very small container that could easily fit under a seat. Thank you.

  29. We have never heard of any problems from pet owners regarding the Sherpa medium carrier and fitting it under the seat in front of you.

  30. We have not seen baby turtles for sale on the sidewalk in Florida for years. You can bring them home, but they will have to fly in the cargo hold.

  31. I’m vacationing in Florida and there are baby turtles for sale on the boardwalk,if there is no liquid in their cage can I bring them home?

  32. I want to fly from Copenhagen to Wienna with my dog and have him in the cabin. The carrier is 28 high. It is a Sherpa medium. Is it ok to squish it down to 23 cm?

  33. Hi I wanna fly a pitbull from Puerto vallarta to montreal quebec in the next couple weeks; what are my options in terms of airlines?

  34. Brigid -you will need to contact Korean Air and confirm that they will hold your pet for 4 hours. That is a long time for a layover, especially if your dog is traveling as checked baggage.

  35. Thanks Phil. I’m not worried about any import/export issues. The shelter has done this multiple times. I’m asking what the airlines policies are on checking a dog on such a short layover. I will be leaving from HCMC stopping in Seoul and then continuing on to Chicago. I only have a 4 hour layover in Seoul will the airlines allow a dog to be checked in to fly the Seoul to Chicago leg of my journey. All flights are on Korean Air and are under the same itinerary. I will get my boarding pass in HCMC for the Seoul to Chicago flight.

  36. Brigid – your friend needs to check export requirements for Seoul. Also, the US will not accept the dog for re-homing unless it is over 6 months of age and fully vaccinated at least 30 days prior to import.

  37. HI, I will be traveling from Ho Chi Minh City to Chicago via Seoul/Incheon in a month on Korean Air. My friend volunteers at an animal shelter in Seoul and wants me to transport a dog on the Seoul to Chicago leg of my journey. I have about a 4 hour layover between arriving from Ho Chi Minh until my Chicago flight departs. Is it possible to check a dog in at Seoul even though my flight starts in Ho Chi Minh City?

  38. Alison – if the import permit is in your name, then we would assume that you would either need to travel with your pet or assign legal responsibility for your pet to another person. However, we have no evidence of this in writing. We would recommend that you confirm this with the State Veterinary Authority, Department of Agriculture Sarawak (

    It is our understanding that documentation must be available when your pet is presented for transport and travel with your pet. (The person traveling with your pet should have copies as well.) This may not be the procedure for Malaysia Airlines and they may require pre-approval, but this is not what we generally see required by the airlines unless we are not understanding your question.

  39. I will be importing one dobermann puppy from Kuala Lumpur to Kuching using Malaysia Airline. I have the import permit ready under my name, can I assign my friend to help me take it back as his check in luggage. All the documentations are ready export permit, health cert (to be done within 7 days of travel) and import permit. Does the permit holder needs to be the one traveling or can be anyone??

    Who do I contact and send in my documentation for booking?? I tried to call the customer service but they seems a bit confuse so I e.mail my details and documents to them and currently waiting for reply.

    Thank you

  40. Hi Fabiola – we did communicate through Facebook. It is always better to fly with your pet into the EU and also to avoid the high fees associated with Heathrow, so we would urge you to consider Option #1.

  41. Hi! I’m living in York, UK and I plan to bring my 6 years old golden retriever from Buenos Aires,Argentina in the beginning of June.

    I am considering two options: 1) Bring her by Alitalia(the company I bought my ticket to come back from Buenos Aires) with one stop in Rome (1 hour) and final destination in Paris, where we will leave our car and drive to York. 2)Bring her by British Airways, direct flight to Heathrow Airport and pick her up there. In this option she would travel alone, a couple of days later.

    Could you give me some information about the options that I have with each possibility?. My family is already preparing her for the flight.

    Thanks in Advance,

    Kind Regards,

    Fabiola Buntinx. (email:

  42. Agnes – if you are not traveling with your kitty, it will not be able to travel under the Pet Travel Scheme. The requirements will be as follows: at the age of 3 months, have your kitty microchipped, then vaccinated for rabies. Your kitty can enter the UK no sooner than 21 days after the rabies vaccination. Within 48 hours of travel, your vet must complete the Annex I form for the UK which must be endorsed by your local CFIA office. Your kitty must enter the UK through Heathrow, Gatwick or Edinburgh Airports and you need to give at least 24 hours notice to the airport of your arrival. There may be import taxes levied. You can find details here:

  43. I want to get a kitten from Ottawa to UK. Can you please tell me the best way to do it and what I need in the way of paperwork etc

    Many thanks

  44. Hi Millie – the Sherpa Original Deluxe is a great bag and Spirit will accept it. The soft sided carriers are great because they “squish” down to fit under the seat in front of you.

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