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To the best of our ability, we ensure that recommendations given on reflect the current regulations. We cannot predict how a given country may enforce these regulations. Noncompliance may result in the need to make arrangements to put the pet into quarantine, return the pet to the country of origin, or destroy the pet. We suggest that you minimize the disruptions that may occur by following the rules of the country you are visiting.

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Pet Passport Malta

Dog Passport Malta

Regulations for taking a pet dog, cat or ferret to Malta from a rabies free country OR A country with a low incidence of rabies*:

Malta does not quarantine healthy pets (cats, dogs and ferrets) from the above countries having resided there for the preceeding six (6) months that meet the following requirements in this order:

  1.  ISO 11784/11785 compliant 15 digit pet microchip. If your pet's microchip is not ISO 11784/11785 compliant, you can bring your own microchip scanner.
  2. Rabies vaccination no sooner than 21 days* prior to entry and not more than the expiration date of the manufacturer of the vaccine. If your dog, cat or ferret has been vaccinated before it was fitted with a microchip, it will have to be vaccinated again after the microchip is implanted.
  3. For pets entering Malta from a country with a high incidence of rabies, a Blood Titer Test administered no sooner than one month after rabies vaccination. (Have your veterinarian scan your pet's microchip prior to the titer test.) Samples must be processed at approved laboratories. Assuming test results within acceptable limits, your pet can enter Malta 90 days after the date the blood was drawn and avoid quarantine. This step is not required unless entering Malta from a high rabies country.
  4. Within 10 days of travel, an accredited veterinarian must then complete the bi-lingual Annex II for Malta for endorsement by the USDA or CFIA if traveling from the United States or Canada. If you are not traveling from either of these countries, endorsement is not required unless your country mandates it.
  5. A copy of the Rabies Certificate and Blood Titer Test results should also be included for endorsement (if applicable).
  6. A Tapeworm Test is required for dogs between one and five days of entering Malta.

This completes a passport for your dog, cat or ferret to enter Malta.

Dog Passport Sweden

*After the first vaccination and waiting period, you can enter Malta whenever you like as long as booster vaccinations are given on time and you continue to meet the other entry requirements.

Puppies and Kittens: Unvaccinated puppies and kittens under 3 months of age are not permitted to enter Malta.

When entering Malta for commercial purposes such as breeding or sale, pets require additional forms and different rules apply.

When arriving in the United Kingdom by air, all pets, with the exception of service animals, must do so by manifest cargo on approved airlines. Approved Border Posts for arrival by air are London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Manchester (pets accompanied by owners only), Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin.

If your dog or cat is entering Malta from the Malaysian Peninsula, it may not enter the country unless it is accompanied with a certificate issued by the Malaysian Department of Veterinary Services which confirms the following:

Failure to comply with these regulations will mean that your pet will be refused entry or returned to the country of origin or placed in quarantine, all at the expense of the person responsible for your pet.

Inspection: All domestic dogs and cats must be free of evidence of disease communicable to humans when examined at the port of entry to Malta. If your dog or cat is not in apparent good health, further examination by a licensed veterinarian may be required at your expense.

Other Animals: Birds, invertebrates, tropical fish, reptiles, amphibia, mammals such as rodents and rabbits are not subject to requirements of rabies vaccination, but may have to meet other requirements and should have a health certificate to enter Malta. Pet owners are strongly advised to seek further information from the relevant authority of their country and/or that of the country of destination.

If your pet is not a dog, cat or ferret, and especially if it is a turtle or parrot, you should verify that it is not protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITIES).  You will need to apply for additional permits if this is the case. Search their database. Over 180 countries participate and enforce CITIES regulations. Read more about CITIES.

Veterinary Certificate: All countries have unique veterinary certificates. This form may differ from the veterinary certificate issued by veterinarians in the United States. (APHIS 7001) It is an essential part of the cat or dog passport.

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still d oesent tell u how much.
Posted on 2013-04-29 12:27:43.0
my cats may need a passport!
Posted on 2013-06-20 11:42:13.0
Its really simple once they have the passport, but you will have to wait for the Rabies check and I think its usually about 6 months (well, it is for dogs) x
Posted on 2013-06-20 11:47:05.0
I have been transfered with my company to malta and would really like to my cocker spaniel is it to late to do the rabies jabs etc?? I leave 30th july. Not had much notice at all. :-(
Posted on 2013-06-20 12:44:41.0

Your pet will need a 15 digit microchip and a current vaccination administered after the microchip was inserted. If your pet was not vaccinated prior to the microchip insertion, the vaccination must be done 21 days prior to entry. If your pet was currently vaccinated when the microchip was inserted, it will need a booster after the microchip is inserted, but the 21 day policy does not apply.
Posted on 2013-07-17 03:49:24.0
My poodle dog is microchipped years ago so if I do the Rabies 21 days prior and whatever else is explained above, is quarantine avoided? We are living in the UAE which I know does not have a high Rabies incident rate and my dog has been here for 7+ years. Thanks
Posted on 2013-07-26 15:37:43.0
If a dog does not have chip and the vaccination wasn't given 21 days before his arrival what happen then?
Posted on 2013-09-06 05:30:24.0
I have someone in malta interested in buying two pointer pups off me is there an age they have to be before travelling
Posted on 2013-11-02 15:13:20.0
Call Jean Pierre on 07879 992548
Posted on 2013-11-02 20:10:04.0
The puppies can enter Malta 21 days after they complete their rabies vaccination.
Posted on 2013-11-10 18:37:18.0
If a dog has a current rabies vaccination that has not expired, your veterinarian can insert the microchip, then revaccinate your pet. You do not have to wait 21 days prior to entry.
Posted on 2013-11-10 18:38:21.0
You wil need to insert a microchip, then vaccinate. If the Annex II form and a tapeworm test is done, your pet will not require quarantine.
Posted on 2013-11-10 18:39:46.0
PetTravel ... and a Titer test document declaring the level of Rabies is attached to the passport. Now Assuming you CANNOT vaccinate with Rabies a Puppy below the age of 3months + 21days before you can get the blood Sample and send to Lab + 1 Week for the Lab to answer to your VET this means a Puppy CANNOT travel before is somewhere around 4months old. (Is that correct ??)
Posted on 2013-11-28 08:56:42.0
Luigi Cacciatore That is correct, however, the time between the rabies vaccination and titer test is no less than 30 days. Not all countries will require the titer test. If traveling from a country with a low incidence of rabies or rabies free country, the test is not required anymore. If you need to see the lists, you can find them here:
Posted on 2013-11-29 18:53:59.0
Hi, is Mexico a high rabies country? Or low as i read that requirements depend on this. Thanks
Posted on 2014-05-05 20:48:55.0
Hi Gaby - Mexico is a rabies controlled country, low incidence of rabies or Third Country by the UK. (different names for the same thing.)
Posted on 2014-05-07 03:48:50.0
Is South Africa considered a risk?
Posted on 2014-07-19 16:29:02.0
Coral - yes, South Africa is considered a high-rabies country by the EU.
Posted on 2014-07-22 04:25:40.0
Okay so what would be required? Rabies injection and certificate? Then when their blood tests are clear they don't have to be in quarantine?
Posted on 2014-07-22 07:25:44.0
My puppy is 2 months old and just had his 1st vaccination, he will get his 2nd one Mid August and then the third just before we enter Malta (September), we are travelling from Italy and the anti-rabbies vaccination can only be administered after 6 months old, does that mean that I cannot bring my puppy with?
Posted on 2014-07-31 20:05:12.0
Lisa - the UK requires that puppies be microchipped and fully vaccinated for rabies at least 21 days prior to entering the country.
Posted on 2014-08-02 02:52:45.0
First microchip, then vaccinate for rabies (in that order but same vet visit is fine), then wait 30 days (not including the day of the vet visit), then your vet does a Blood Titer Test. Assuming acceptable results, your pet can enter Malta 90 days after the date the blood was drawn for the titer test. You will need an Annex II form completed within 10 days of entry as well. Details here: If this is all done, then no quarantine will be required.
Posted on 2014-08-02 02:56:05.0
PetTravel Thank you very much for your feedback. I have made a note of all the timelines.
Posted on 2014-08-02 07:42:42.0
Hi, I intend to travel overland from the UK to Malta......I know that a pet passport and michrochip rabies injection ect is required and I shall arrange for them to be done. What will be required to board a ferry to France and then another to Malta? I wish to stay in Malta for 3 months and then return by plane. Will Air Malta allow my dog to stay with me in the aircraft as she is a Llasa Apso and weighs about 5kilos.
Posted on 2014-09-04 15:10:04.0
Hi Jean - you will need an EU pet passport completed by your vet with details on microchip and vaccination. You can use it to enter France as well as Malta. Air Malta does not fly pets in the cabin to and from the UK. Your pet should have a tapeworm treatment between one and five days of returning to the UK.
Posted on 2014-09-11 02:17:11.0
Thank you very much for your reply but Im not quite sure as to what you mean regarding the tapeworm you mean that I would have to go to a vet in Malta for his treatment before I left Malta to return to the UK?
Posted on 2014-09-11 10:22:23.0
Jean Psaila Jean - you will need a tapeworm treatment for entering Malta as you are doing so through France. If you are flying back to Malta and not entering any other country, then a tapeworm treatment is not required prior to re-enter the UK. Sorry for the confusion.
Posted on 2014-09-13 20:56:31.0
do i need an eu pet passport if im traveling from Canada and or USA? I travel a lot for work, now i'm starting to bring my spitz with me! yay!
Posted on 2014-09-20 14:39:50.0
Hi Francesca - as a Canadian citizen, you cannot get an EU pet passport as they are issued only to residents of the EU. You will need an Annex II form for Malta as well as proof of microchipping followed by rabies vaccination. You will also need a tapeworm treatment. More details here and links to instructions and forms required here if you need them:
Posted on 2014-09-21 22:06:12.0
Why my cat has to wait 90 days after the test of rabies . is int to long . please explain because i really cannot understand .
Posted on 2014-09-22 16:36:03.0
Joseph - the 90 day test is only required when you are entering Malta from a high-rabies risk country. What country is your cat entering from?
Posted on 2014-09-25 02:48:47.0
Posted on 2014-09-25 17:11:49.0
Joseph G. Farrugia Joseph - yes, Libya is a high-risk country and the 90 day wait will apply. The reason for the 90 day wait is, if an animal contracts the rabies virus, it takes approximately 90 days for symptoms to show up. So, countries want to be sure that pets who may have contracted rabies prior to vaccination do not enter the country with the virus. It is a very serious disease as, once the symptoms show up, the disease is usually fatal.
Posted on 2014-09-26 04:15:25.0
Posted on 2014-09-26 18:54:22.0
hi i need to bring a puppy from uk to malta, what do i have to do? and also what are the fees? thanks
Posted on 2014-09-30 11:35:19.0
Your puppy needs to be microchipped and vaccinated for rabies at least 21 days prior to entering Malta. Puppies and kittens are generally vaccinated for rabies at 3 months. Your pup will also need an EU pet passport and a Pre-Notifiy of Arrival or Transit of Live Animals form. Email if you need it.
Posted on 2014-10-02 03:17:51.0