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To the best of our ability, we ensure that recommendations given on reflect the current regulations. We cannot predict how a given country may enforce these regulations. Noncompliance may result in the need to make arrangements to put the pet into quarantine, return the pet to the country of origin, or destroy the pet. We suggest that you minimize the disruptions that may occur by following the rules of the country you are visiting.

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Regulations for taking a pet, service or emotional support dog or cat to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas

The Bahamas do not quarantine healthy dogs and cats who meet the following requirements:

The permit is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. There will be a customs duty at the point of entry.

For more detailed instructions and forms to create a pet passport to take your pet to the Bahamas, click on the button below.

Dog Passport Bahamas

To leave the Bahamas, an export permit is required which is issued through the Bahamas Agricultural Department.

Failure to comply with these regulations will mean that your pet will be refused entry or returned to the country of origin or placed in quarantine, all at the expense of the person responsible for your pet.

Inspection: All domestic dogs and cats must be free of evidence of disease communicable to humans when examined at the port of entry to the Bahamas. If your dog or cat is not in apparent good health, further examination by a licensed veterinarian may be required at your expense.

Other Animals: Birds, invertebrates, tropical fish, reptiles, amphibia, mammals such as rodents and rabbits are not subject to requirements of rabies vaccination, but may have to meet other requirements and should have a health certificate to enter the Bahamas. Pet owners are strongly advised to seek further information from the relevant authority of their country and/or that of the country of destination.

If your pet is not a dog, cat or ferret, and especially if it is a turtle or parrot, you should verify that it is not protected under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).  You will need to apply for additional permits if this is the case. Search their database. Over 180 countries participate and enforce CITES regulations. Read more about CITES.

Veterinary Certificate: All countries have unique veterinary certificates. This form may differ from the veterinary certificate issued by veterinarians in the United States. (APHIS 7001) It is an essential part of the cat or dog passport.

Pet Microchip: Although the Bahamas do not require a pet microchip, we strongly recommend that you microchip your cat or dog prior to traveling. 

Need a pet friendly hotel in the Bahamas?

The information published here is a guideline for pet owners importing their pet to the Bahamas. Further detail on import permits (if applicable), costs, tests and procedures are available at minimal cost at if you need them. We also stock all the equipment and accessories you will need for traveling with your pet. Same day shipping until 4:00 PM EST.

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Are ball pythons allowed in the Bahamas? I'm a breeder and have quite a few that would have tonging with me. Just checking incase I move there.
Posted on 2014-01-22 17:48:03.0
We do not have information on bringing snakes into the Bahamas. You may want to contact their Department of Agriculture in Nasau.
Posted on 2014-01-24 02:47:44.0

What are the requirements for pets leaving The Bahamas? Do they need any certification from the Ministry of Agriculture? Please advise...
Posted on 2014-01-29 18:10:37.0
Carolina - sorry we did not catch your post. We can find no published export requirements for taking pets from the Bahamas.
Posted on 2014-03-07 16:52:36.0
Are there dog breed restrictions in the Bahamas?? Thanks, Joe
Posted on 2014-03-17 10:15:14.0
Hi, Anyone know if there are breed restrictions on dogs in the Bahamas? I can't find anything on restrictions. Thanks
Posted on 2014-03-17 15:48:43.0
Hi Joe - The Bahamas do not publish breed restrictions, however, it would be wise to call the Department of Agriculture to verify: (242) 325-7413 especially if you are bringing a Pit Bull breed.
Posted on 2014-03-18 04:50:58.0
Thanks for the reply. It's a Doberman Pincher. I will call them.
Posted on 2014-03-18 04:58:04.0
Brought my dog last year to Nassau on vacation, we had a great time! Back on this site because we're thinking of going again in a few weeks
Posted on 2014-06-14 06:30:08.0
Hello Vanessa, was it easy to bring your dog with you to the Bahamas? Can you describe your experience and the process and what I should know beforehand? I would really appreciate some advice, thank you!
Posted on 2014-06-16 00:54:35.0
Thanks, Vanessa, we appreciate your comments. Let us know if we can assist in any way. :o)
Posted on 2014-06-16 02:39:11.0
It says that I need a Pet Passport to travel to Nassau, how do I obtain one?
Posted on 2014-07-05 12:18:53.0
Judith - you can find details on requirements to take your pet to Nassau here with links to instructions and forms required if you need them:
Posted on 2014-07-11 02:57:10.0
I have a pit bull service dog I am a war vet and have sever ptsd can I bring him
Posted on 2014-07-14 19:38:57.0
Daniel Robert Stroud Daniel - officials in the islands are a bit sensitive about Pit Bulls. A lot would depend on disposition. Being a service dog would certainly help.
Posted on 2014-07-17 04:11:43.0
Is an international health certificate needed for entry into the Bahamas? We are traveling from USA
Posted on 2014-07-23 15:14:18.0
You need to get an import permit first. Fill out this application and fax it to them. Not sure how you will get it being out of the country but they will tell you that - . Then when you get the permit you need to have a vet certificate and also certain vaccinations outlined on the permit.
Posted on 2014-07-23 15:30:05.0
I moved to the Bahamas and brought my dog with me with all the required documents a year ago. Now I want to take him back with me. What are the documents I need for him to go through US Customs?
Posted on 2014-08-09 02:25:53.0
Hi Tim - to return to the US from the Bahamas, you will only need proof of current rabies vaccination at least 30 days prior to entry and a health certificate for the airlines, if they require it. We think it is a good idea to travel with one.
Posted on 2014-08-12 04:09:33.0
Hi, I have a 10 year old Rat terrier i would like to bring to the bahamas, arriving on a sailboat staying for 6 months or so. Problem is, she has had Mast Cell Cancer earlier this year and they recommend you do NOT give these patients any more vaccinations, ever. she does have a 3 year rabies vaccination that is still current thru 2016. Are there any exceptions to these regulations? thank you!
Posted on 2014-09-05 18:08:08.0
Dawn - you should be fine as long as your pet has been vaccinated against rabies within not less than 1 month and not more than 10 months prior to importation for the one year vaccine, and not less than 1 month and not more than 34 months prior to importation for the three year vaccine.
Posted on 2014-09-12 02:51:03.0
If I fax them the Permit Application, how do I pay the $10.00 fee? It seems I have to mail the application along with the fee, no?
Posted on 2014-09-17 21:23:04.0
Hi Michael - we would recommend using FedEx. Include a pre-paid, self-addressed FedEx return envelope. The fee is $15.
Posted on 2014-09-18 02:31:06.0
I have a 4 year old Yorkie I would like to bring with us to the Bahamas by sailboat this December. Have tried calling the number you have listed as well as a few others and have had no luck reaching the Bahamian Department of Agriculture, any advice? Looking for any advice to expedite this process. (prefer to use electronic) thank you.
Posted on 2014-10-06 17:45:58.0
coming to Bahamas in February from Costa Rica. Want to bring my 7 year old miniature pinscher (emotional support dog). What are the requirements? Thank you.
Posted on 2014-11-10 16:26:25.0
Silvia - you will need an import permit, proof of rabies vaccination and a health certificate to enter the Bahamas with your Pinscher. You can find details and links to instructions and forms required here if you need them:
Posted on 2014-11-11 04:50:19.0
PetTravel thank you so much for your help Silvia
Posted on 2014-11-11 18:02:42.0
Lou Bergeron I have difficulty to understnad where do I get the import licence. Can we download it somewhere or do we have to order it by mail which is extremely long ? Can you email the form to me or how do I proceed? Thanks.
Posted on 2014-11-12 16:04:46.0
Hello Louise, To get the import permit sent to you, you have to mail an application form as well as a $15 processing fee (money order, bank draft, or cash is accepted) to the Bahamian Ministry of Agriculture in order to have the permit faxed back to you. We have the instructions, vet certificate, and application form available in our Pet Passport kit for the Bahamas:
Posted on 2014-11-13 18:44:41.0
going on a cruise November 29th, I have all my vet paperwork from my last cruise to Bahamas which is still current , do I need more paperwork now for my service dog?
Posted on 2014-11-14 19:39:02.0
Tony - service animals are subject to the same regulations as regular animals. Your dog will need an import permit and a new health certificate issued 48 hours prior to entering the country.
Posted on 2014-11-15 21:12:23.0
We are traveling to the Bahamas via our sailboat with our dog and cat and applied for the import permit over a week ago. The past two times we have gone they have been very prompt with faxing the permit back to us and we haven't had any issues. Now we are trying to leave but haven't gotten the permit. All the numbers on he website for the department of agriculture do not work and they haven't answered my emails. Any suggestions?!! Kelly
Posted on 2014-11-26 19:20:35.0
Brad - Did you include a FedEx Express return envelope? Try 242-325- 7502 or 325-7509.
Posted on 2014-12-01 01:44:32.0
i understand the import permit is only good for 90 days, what if my travel needs to be extended, what do i need to do?
Posted on 2014-12-29 15:19:13.0
Tracy - you must enter the Bahamas within 90 days of the issuance of the import permit else you will need a new one. The permit lasts for one year, but you, as the owner, are limited to an 8 months stay in the islands.
Posted on 2015-01-02 14:33:04.0
hello just to clearify....once i have a health certificate for my new zealand white rabbit, i should not have a problem with bringing it from the turks and cacios to freeport grand bahama?
Posted on 2015-01-08 16:48:12.0
I think of purchasing a pet for the USA, what are the cost of the custom duty charges?
Posted on 2015-01-10 02:16:01.0
Tamika - there are no customs charges when clearing a pet in the US.
Posted on 2015-01-12 02:50:18.0
Hi Trina - you will need to apply for an import permit for your bunny, and officials will inform you whether it is permitted to bring a rabbit into the Bahamas. We do not have that information.Sorry we could not assist further.
Posted on 2015-01-13 02:37:06.0
hello, where do I get a import permit for my service dog ?
Posted on 2015-01-16 02:29:02.0
Hi Juan - you get the import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade and Industry (Nassau) We also have it included in our forms and instructions.
Posted on 2015-01-16 03:42:49.0
Hi, Thanks for all the info. We are going to the Bahamas for a month (living in Calgary Canada). I kind of understand the requirements for entry in Bahamas, I am just unsure of the requirements to return BACK TO CANADA. PLEASE help me.
Posted on 2015-01-16 17:37:25.0
Hello DewaldAnne - Canada is very pet friendly. You will need to show proof of rabies vaccination to re-enter the country. Check with your airline to see if a health certificate is required, but, if you are staying 30 days or less, you should be fine with the health certificate you used to enter the Bahamas.
Posted on 2015-01-19 02:12:13.0
Hi I'm from the US and I'm traveling on a cruise ship with my emotional registered service dog she's 3 lbs and very well trained she's has all her shots and health certificated is there anything else I need to do we are only staying on the island for 4 days
Posted on 2015-02-23 12:39:46.0
Lynne - if you are planning to disembark with your ESA, your pet should conform to the regulations listed here ( unless the cruise ship owns the island. The cruise ship may be able to assist with the import permit, and be sure that you carry proof of rabies vaccination information and a health certificate from your vet.
Posted on 2015-02-24 01:20:52.0
Hi Pet Travel, I have all the stuff I need to import my cat into the Bahamas in a few weeks. I am just wondering how strict the government is regarding timing of obtaining the health certificate and signed documents prior to import. It says on the import permit, "the animal must be accompanied by a Veterinary Health Certificate issued within forty-eight hour of importation by a licensed Veterinarian in the country of origin..." however there is nothing about this stated on your website. Wondering if you could comment on this. Thanks
Posted on 2015-04-10 22:50:41.0
Curtis - we do mention that the health certificate must be issued within 48 hours of entry. You must also see a Bahamian vet within 48 hours of entry. Can't comment on enforcement because our transports have always met requirements.
Posted on 2015-04-14 22:11:24.0

hi pet travel Do i get the information below from the turks and cacios and bring it along with me to the bahamas? Rabies vaccination not less than 1 month and not more than 10 months prior to entry. Canine Distemper vaccination is also required for dogs. Your pet must be accompanied by a Veterinary Health Certificate for the Bahamas presented along with the form IMP 1 at the time of arrival in the Commonwealth of the bahamas. and also the import permit that i should order would be the one for the bahamas right? and is a cockier spaniel dog allowed in the bahamas im going to freeport.
Posted on 2015-06-24 17:02:25.0

We are not taking our dog off the cruise ship but have been told we need to comply with the Bahamas requirements we are already closer than 1 month for the rabies shot. She had the 3 year shot. What do we do?
Posted on 2015-07-14 20:33:23.0

Ronni - the Bahamas does honor the 3 year vaccine. We are confirming..
Posted on 2015-07-21 03:54:32.0

Hello what about if I purchase a dog from the united states and want to bring him.home to the Bahamas with me to live.
Posted on 2015-08-02 17:48:23.0

How long does it take to obtain the import permit?
Posted on 2015-08-04 12:24:34.0

We are travelling back to Canada in Feb 28th and can't seem to find a carrier that will allow hood oh temperatures are -6 at home in maritime security. If they are we cannot enter plan and no re-fund
Posted on 2015-08-13 02:42:22.0

Gretha - it is a risk to your dogs to fly in the cargo hold at temperatures that low. If your pets are flying in the middle of the winter, you cannot make reservations far in advance. You will need to see how the weather is behaving. Only suggestion would be to fly into another city to the south where it may be warmer and drive.
Posted on 2015-08-13 03:01:09.0

Usually, it takes less than 14 days to get the permit if you include expedited return postage (FedEx).
Posted on 2015-08-13 03:03:44.0

I read on the regulations that I have 48 hours to take the dog to the vet once we get to the Bahamas and also, that the dog needs an export permit but if I arrive on a cruise for one day, how does it works. Please advise. Thanks
Posted on 2015-08-22 23:15:51.0

Annie - despite attempts, we have been unable to get a direct answer to your question. You may want to direct your inquiry to your cruise line.
Posted on 2015-08-24 12:28:19.0

Anyone know of a good vet close to where the ship docks my husband uses a mobility scooter so we need something close so we do not have to take a cab it will not fit in a cab. Or of a vet that will come to the port an issue I export certificate there.
Posted on 2015-09-17 03:13:16.0

We will be taking our 2 year old Yorkie into the Bahamas on our sailboat and have all of the required permits. However we are concerned about the requirement that Form IMP1 must be signed by a vet no more than 48 hours before our Bahamas arrival. Since we have to wait for a weather window, then prep the boat and take a day to sail across, meeting a 48 hour window will be difficult. How do other sail boaters handle this? Are the Bahamas customs officials strict about this rule? Are there vets in the Miami area who will leave the date line blank so that we can fill it in?
Posted on 2015-09-17 17:46:52.0

Joanne - the import permit is not difficult to obtain, but the veterinary certificate should be done within 48 hours in advance. You should arrange for a vet visit in S. Florida.
Posted on 2015-11-04 03:22:48.0

I'm going in June on Carnival. I have a PTSD dog. Can u give me tips u learned on ur visit
Posted on 2016-03-20 01:05:09.0

Sam - your rabbits will need an import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade and Industry to enter the Bahamas.
Posted on 2016-03-21 02:41:07.0

Kim-Marie - you dogs will need an import permit to enter the Bahamas. Other details here:
Posted on 2016-03-21 02:42:32.0

Christian Gay The 48 hour health check would not apply to you since you are not going to stay in the Bahamas.
Posted on 2016-03-21 02:43:49.0

thank you for the advice
Posted on 2016-05-30 13:45:19.0