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Pet Passport Hawaii
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To the best of our ability, we ensure that recommendations given on reflect the current regulations. We cannot predict how a given country may enforce these regulations. Noncompliance may result in the need to make arrangements to put the pet into quarantine, return the pet to the country of origin, or destroy the pet. We suggest that you minimize the disruptions that may occur by following the rules of the country you are visiting.

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Pet Passport Hawaii

Dog Passport Hawaii

Hawaii is a state of the United States and not a country. However, as Hawaii is a rabies free island and has requirements that differ from the continental United States, we are including them separately.

Hawaii has a five-day or less program for bringing cats, dogs and ferrets into the state. The program is designed to allow pets that meet certain qualifications to be released immediately upon their arrival at the Honolulu airport. You must start the process not less than 120 days prior to arrival in Hawaii in order to qualify to avoid quarantine.

There are five steps to meeting these qualifications.

  1. A licensed veterinarian must complete a Veterinary Certificate for Hawaii. It must be an original - no photocopies are allowed. This certificate must be issued by your veterinarian not more than 14 days prior to your pet's arrival to Hawaii.

    Vaccinations: Your dog, cat or ferret must have been vaccinated at least twice in its lifetime for rabies and those vaccinations must be more than 90 days apart. Depending on whether your pet was given the one year or three year rabies vaccine, the latest vaccination must have done no less than 90 days prior to arrival in Hawaii.
  2. Pet Microchip: The certificate from your veterinarian must state the number of the microchip and it must contain the fact that the veterinarian was able to scan the chip successfully. The microchip can be of the standard US issue (Avid) or (Home Again) type or a 15 digit ISO pet microchip. The microchip must be implanted prior to the pet's Blood Titer Test.
  3. Your dog, cat or ferret must have a Blood Titer Test. The blood test must be done not more than 36 months and not less than 120 days prior to arrival in Hawaii.
  4. Application: the documents should be sent to the Animal Quarantine Branch, State of Hawaii. There is a fee for processing the documents. The documents and check must arrive 10 days before the pet's arrival. Since the documents cannot be prepared by your veterinarian more than 14 days prior to arrival you must send them by Federal Express to qualify for airport release of the pet.
  5. Your pet must be treated for ticks not more than 14 days prior to arrival in Hawaii.
Arrival: You may enter Hawaii through Honolulu International Airport only between the hours of 8 am and 9 pm. Your pet will be taken from the airport to the quarantine center located at 99-951 Halawa Valley Road, Aiea, Hawaii 96701 - Telephone 808 483-7151. You will pick up your pet at that location.

You may also enter through the neighbor Island airports of Kahului, Kona, or Lihue but special arrangements must be made in advance.

Pets entering Hawaii from countries with high incidence of rabies are subject to mandatory 120 day quarantine.

Dog Passport Hawaii

Failure to comply with these regulations will mean that your pet will be refused entry and placed in quarantine at the expense of the person responsible for your pet.

Inspection: All domestic dogs and cats must be free of evidence of disease communicable to humans when examined at the port of entry to Hawaii. If your dog or cat is not in apparent good health, further examination by a licensed veterinarian may be required at your expense.

Other Animals: Birds, invertebrates, tropical fish, reptiles, amphibia, mammals such as rodents and rabbits are not subject to requirements of rabies vaccination, but may have to meet other requirements and should have a health certificate to enter Hawaii. Pet owners are strongly advised to seek further information from the relevant authority of their country and/or that of the country of destination.

Veterinary Certificate: All countries have unique veterinary certificates. This form may differ from the veterinary certificate issued by veterinarians in the United States. (APHIS 7001) It is an essential part of the cat or dog passport.

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Hawaii Pet Info...good to know:)
Posted on 2013-05-26 13:39:41.0
Do puppies under the age of two months coming from the mainland u.s. need to be quarantined in hawaii?
Posted on 2013-08-02 06:26:37.0
so how long does it take for a dog to be examined at this location once all the paperwork has been done?
Posted on 2013-10-20 17:29:53.0
If you do all the necessary paperwork and requirements, then your dog will get released right away.
Posted on 2013-10-20 17:51:17.0
Leila Peverett Coe thanks forgot to ask you :) I think its too late this go round
Posted on 2013-10-20 17:52:03.0
Official website:
Posted on 2013-10-20 17:53:00.0
They say you should do paperwork and everything starting 120 days prior.
Posted on 2013-10-20 17:53:25.0
Short answer: yes you can bring your dog to Hawaii, just keep in mind you must start the process at least 120 days (that's 4 months) before your trip
Posted on 2013-11-21 15:26:18.0
I always remembered it as being 6 months of actual quarantine. Makes 4 months of planning not so bad!
Posted on 2013-11-21 15:30:51.0
Do rabbits need to be microchipped to go to hawaii? As far as I know, they only need a proper carrier and a health certificate. Please respond!!
Posted on 2013-12-30 21:49:22.0
can you take a comfort dog in the cabin if you and your dog are Hawaii residents (assuming you have all the paperwork needed).
Posted on 2014-03-06 03:30:29.0
Hi Debra - yes, it is possible to take a comfort pet in the cabin to Hawaii if your airline allows in-cabin transport of animals to Hawaii.
Posted on 2014-03-07 20:00:40.0
Aya - rabbits require a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), also known as a health certificate. The CVI must be issued and signed by a State, Federal, or accredited veterinarian within seven days prior to arrival in Hawaii. The CVI must list and give a description of the rabbit(s) in the shipment, must state that the rabbit(s) were not showing signs of infectious, contagious and/or communicable diseases and were found free of external parasites. There is no published requirement for microchips.
Posted on 2014-03-07 20:04:33.0
In the beginning stages of thinking about moving to Hawaii. We would like to live there for 6 months during the winter and at home for 6 months. Wondering how we go about this on a bi yearly schedule. Once the dog is ok'd for Hawaii will we have to repeat the process every six months!
Posted on 2014-03-17 01:14:18.0
I would almost sit Winston and Callie, if I get a timeshare!
Posted on 2014-03-17 11:04:48.0
Great idea, you may get a visitor :)
Posted on 2014-03-17 23:53:55.0
Hi Charlene - your pet's titer test should be good for 36 months, then the process needs to begin again.
Posted on 2014-03-19 00:52:50.0
Can you bring your pet on the plane with your rather than have them fly in the cargo? My dogs are very small. One is 11 lbs, 5lbs, & 3lbs. They all fit in a bag that will fit under the seat.
Posted on 2014-03-20 19:03:58.0
Hi Karen - last time we checked, Alaska Air flew pets into Honolulu in the cabin. Not sure if they will allow 3 pets in one carrier however. Call them and ask...
Posted on 2014-03-21 03:48:30.0
So you are saying once your pet meets all requirements they will be allowed to enter hawaii for 36 consecutive months ?
Posted on 2014-04-09 17:57:05.0
Where does Denmark fall into this category? They are rabies-free. We want to bring in a dog from Denmark to Hawaii.
Posted on 2014-04-19 19:59:24.0
The rules for entering Hawaii from Denmark are the same as any other rabies controlled country.
Posted on 2014-04-21 16:48:58.0
36 months is fine unless you are using Hawaii's quarentine facilities to enter another rabies-free country such as Guam.
Posted on 2014-04-21 16:51:19.0
Marilyn - Denmark falls in the same group as listed on this page: It qualifies for the Five Day Program.
Posted on 2014-05-05 02:01:41.0
Is quarantine necessary for dogs flying to Hawaii from Germany?
Posted on 2014-06-11 07:27:49.0
Quarantine is not necessary as long as you prepare in advance. If you follow the 5-day-or-less program, your pet will be released at the airport. Details and links to directions here:
Posted on 2014-06-12 02:46:27.0
Try alaskan airlines
Posted on 2014-07-17 06:08:12.0
You can fly to portland and board alaskan there
Posted on 2014-07-17 06:09:06.0
Tora is correct. Alaskan Airlines is a good bet if you can connect to them.
Posted on 2014-07-22 03:03:26.0