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Bonjour et bienvenue...or hello and welcome.
Nearly everyone walks their dogs along the boulevards of Paris. There are hundreds of sidewalk cafes where your pet will be more than welcome and many restaurant's will allow your well behaved pet to come inside for a tasty meal. Along with so much to see, France is well known for its food.

We suggest starting your trip in the city of light, beautiful Paris. Choose one of the smaller hotels in a neighborhood where you can walk with your pet to soak up some Parisian culture. Visit with talented artists who have set up their galleries right in the many parks within the city.

Next, you may want to head Southeast for the short trip to France's "med" coast and the beautiful beaches of Cannes and Nice. Just a short distance to the North of Cannes is Monaco, another pet friendly country and the playground of the rich and famous.

The west and south of Paris is Bordeaux country. An area that has hundreds of small villages nestled in among the rolling hills and mile after mile of vineyards. If you love wine you must visit Bordeaux.

The countries of the EU have always been especially pet friendly in terms of accommodations, cafes and transportation. Now that the rules for entering any of the EU countries have been relaxed there is no reason not to visit one of more of these "old" countries and share the sights and sounds with your pet. The rules for entry are quite easy from most countries that have a low incidence of rabies. First you have your pet micro chipped with the ISO microchip, then vaccinated for rabies. A short 21 days later you can enter the EU country after your veterinarian has completed the Annex II veterinary certificate for that country. If you are traveling from a country with a high incidence of rabies a blood titer test will also be required.

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