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Pet Friendly Hotels Belgium

The countries of the EU have always been especially pet friendly in terms of accommodations, cafes and transportation. Now that the rules for entering any of the EU countries have been relaxed there is no reason not to visit one of more of these "old" countries and share the sights and sounds with your pet. The rules for entry are quite easy from most countries The logical place for you and your pet to enter the country is Brussels a bustling city with a rich history. You may be flying in from another country or entering by train or car from another nearby EU country. Brussels is considered by many to be Europe’s "Hip" city. A mecca for what’s new and trendy. The best restaurant’s, the best shopping the trendiest bars all with a background of one of the oldest cities in Europe.

You will surely want to rent a car and travel to some of the other cities of Belgium as they are all so very close by. Dinant is a waterfront city right in the heart of the Province of Namur, and is the gateway to the Ardennes. Durby a tiny picturesque city is referred to as the smallest city in the world. Tournai is a must place to visit. This historic city is over 2000 years old.