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Pet Friendly Travel - Cars, Trains, & Public Transportation

Pet Carsickness - girl and dog in car
Traveling with your pet by bus

Hampton Jitney allows pets to travel for a $10 fee. The bus goes from New York City to both forks of Long Island. The pet must be in a carrier that can fit on your lap. See for more information.

Boston's subway (the "T") has a pet friendly pet policy. According to their website,, "Service animals are allowed on the T at all times. During off-peak hours, non-service dogs are allowed at the discretion of T vehicle operators. Dogs must be properly leashed and are not allowed to annoy riders or take up a seat. For safety and convenience during rush hours, small domestic animals must be carried in lap-sized containers and kept clear of exits."

Alaska Railroad allows pets on its route between Fairbanks in the north and Seward in the south, with scheduled stops at Denali, Talkeetna, Wasilla, Girdwood, Whittier, Portage, Spencer and Grandview. Pets ride in airline compliant kennels in the baggage car which is not air conditioned or heated, so you want to be careful of when you are traveling. You can take your pets outside during stops, but they are brief. Fee is $20. More details at Maybe Amtrak will take notice!

Well behaved pets are welcome on public transportation in London. They must be leashed, not bother other passengers, and must not take up a seat. You have to carry your pet on escalators or through automatic ticket gates, however. Here are more details on pet transport in London.

Pets are allowed on many trains in Germany, France, Italy, Scotland, and England. They should be in a carrier or leashed and muzzled.

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