Pet Travel: New forms and rules for entering the European Union

As of January 1, 2012, the rabies free countries of the European Union relaxed the rules regarding quarantine. Now, if entering the UK, Malta or Sweden from a countries with a low incidence of rabies, pets need only be micro chipped and vaccinated for rabies at least 21 days prior to entry. Several EU countries require a tapeworm test be performed by an accredited veterinarian just prior to travel.

EU changes rules and forms once again. All EU countries now have a new veterinary certificate that replaces the old EU form 998. You can still use the EU form 998 for entry into an EU country until June 1, 2012 but only if it has been completed by an accredited veterinarian prior to the end of February 2012. After that time, only the new form called Annex II will be accepted. Another rule change affects those countries who require a tapeworm treatment and examination prior to entry. That treatment must be done in the country from which the pet is traveling 24 to 120 hours prior to entering the EU country.

Because these forms must be endorsed by the USDA or CFIA if traveling from the United States or Canada, the timeline for obtaining USDA endorsement for traveling pet owners has been limited. If you are not located in the city where your State USDA office is located, be sure and plan your tapeworm treatment carefully and use express services both to and from the USDA office.

We have all the current forms and instructions for pet travel to the EU available for a nominal fee at under our Pet Passports section.

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  • You can contact BACKHOME as they should have a microchip database. There are also worldwide microchip databases that will allow you to enter your details. Try searching for microchip database on your browser.

  • Elfi

    My pets are both microchipped (15 digits) and registered in KUSA by BACKHOME South Africa, but this one does not appear in and my 2 chip numbers are not registered anywhere.

    What can I do to have them registered?
    Recontact BACKHOME?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Charlotte – you will need the Annex II form for the Netherlands. That is your point of entry to the EU. The form is good for 4 months in any EU country.

  • Charlotte

    I flying on Dec 22th with my dog from Calgary nonstop to Amsterdam and from there my brother in-law is picking us up from the Airport Amsterdam-Schiphol and we’ll driving with his car to Dortmund/Germany.

    Do I need, beside the form what Pettravel(Petpassport Netherlands FORM0443) already sent me, the forms from Germany (Petpassport Germany FORM023) too? I’m so confused with this whole Annex II.


  • Richard – an Annex II is required to enter Amsterdam with a pet and is good for 4 months of travel within the EU so you can also use it to enter the UK. We have complete instructions on entering the Netherlands complete with the Annex II form at minimal cost here and it can be emailed to you:

  • Richard


    I hope you can help because I’m panicking a little. I’m flying cabin with 2 cats on Finnair to Amsterdam and then taking a ferry to the UK. My big problem right now is that no-one that I’ve spoken to so far in Thailand seems to know what an Annex II is. The vet who provided the rabies vaccinations seems to have no idea and the animal quarantine station at Suwarnabhumi were also confused. Any information about the need of this document or where I should obtain it would be most gratefully received.


  • Carrie – The required inspection of the animals once landing in Switzerland is only carried out during the normal opening hours of the inspection office concerned. In the case of arrivals outside these times, the animals are taken to the animal room of the inspection office and not checked until the next working day.

    As long as you are staying on the same airline and your layover is less than 2 hours, your fatty fat cat will be transferred from plane to plane. You will need to stay behind the clearance counter in the secure area of the airport. As long as you don’t clear customs, you will not need to adhere to Germany’s import regulations.

  • Carrie


    My husband and I are flying from the US to Switzerland via Frankfurt Germany within the next week. We’re moving there for employment and will remain for the next 2-5 years. We’ll be flying with 2 cats and a small dog and will have one cat and the dog with us in cabin while the larger, fatty fat cat will travel in the cargo hold. Does anyone know about the inspection req’ments in Frankfurt and/or Switzerland? We’re concerned about booking airfare that would put us landing in Geneva, a small airport, on Sunday July 6th 2014. We heard that there is nobody available at that airport on weekends to inspect incoming animals. We’ve been trying to hunt down the answer but have gotten mixed information. Any info would be appreciated!


  • Janet – the Official Veterinarian is the accredited vet (your vet) You will sign Part II.7 “I, the undersigned …”

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