Pet Train Travel: Amtrak Trials Program to Carry Small Dogs and Cats

Pet Train Travel - Amtrak LogoThis week, Amtrak announced that it would trial a pet program that would carry small dogs and cats in designated passenger cars (NOT luggage cars) between Chicago and Quincy, Illinois until November, 2014. Should the trial prove successful, they will consider lauching this program nationwide.

This is truly great news and long overdue. It is certainly exciting that pets may soon be able to travel with their owners by train  in comfort in the United States. Of course, they will need to stay in their carriers. Amtrak’s price for this route is $25.00.  Let’s hope it is successful!

10 comments to Pet Train Travel: Amtrak Trials Program to Carry Small Dogs and Cats

  • jan ray

    Wonderful News!

  • Bob – if you are referring to traveling with your Poodle in a train from LA to Chicago, then probably not. Amtrak has a pilot program going out of Chicago that allows small pets, but it goes between Chicago and Quincy. Should this pilot prove successful, they will consider launching the program throughout the country. Hope that answers your question.

  • Bob

    With a small pet (toy poodle) would it be possible for 2 seniors and dog be in a sleeper car LA – Chicago

  • Cathy – Amtrack currently does not accept pets. They have a trial going on in Illinois for small dogs, but no word about change of policy yet…

  • Cathy A.

    We have a Labrador, 55lbs. Definitely It’s a large dog, and we are planning to travel Buffalo, NY by Amtrak train. So the thing is… Can we travel with the dog?

  • Marjorie – carrying a pet weighing 16 pounds in the cabin of an aircraft may be difficult, especially if the length from tip of nose to base of tail exceeds 19 inches. If driving is out of the question, then you need to contact the airline that flies the route to see how much room they offer under the seat in front of you.

  • Marjorie Hammond

    I think it would be great to be able to take my 14 year old dog who weighs 16# with me to visit friends & family in NY; I live in SC.

  • Angela c

    This is great news!!! I would live to take my poodle with me when I travel to NY from AL

  • jennifer miller

    This is wonderful news and I hope it proves to be very successful. I live in Mexico and visit my family in Canada about once every couple of years. We drive because it is the only way to transport our ageing dog but it would be wonderful if we could take a train from Texas to Michigan with the dog.

  • Nancy D

    This is awesome news, and let’s hope all goes well during this trial period. Thumbs up!!

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