The Rights of Pet Allergy Sufferers when Traveling on Airplanes

This is an interesting article on travelers who are allergic to pets and their rights to comfort when traveling in the cabin of an airplane. Click here to see the article . The author makes a good point about passenger rights when it comes to animals not traveling in a carrier such as service animals or emotional support animals.

The article did not mention the concessions that Air Canada has made for folks that are allergic to pets. This airline address the issue at the time of reservations, not when the aircraft is ready for take off. Air Canada will ban dogs or cats on planes without HEPA filters when a passenger with an allergy to dogs or cats is on board. If the dog is a service animal, priority will be given to the first reservation made. On planes with HEPA filters, a five row buffer zone between a pet and the passenger with allergies will be established in the aircraft.

With the increase of animals traveling in the cabin, those who cannot be exposed to pet allergens should work with the airlines at the time of reservation to ensure they are not seated in close proximity to animals. This is an issue that may surface over time as the airlines try to accommodate those passengers on both sides of the fence.


The Rights of Pet Allergy Sufferers when Traveling on Airplanes — 148 Comments

  1. Beatrice – contact Air Canada. If you book far enough in advance, they will work with you regarding your allergies.

  2. My dad is dying. I am allergic to cats like people with peanuts. I live in Vancouver- need to go to Montreal. I cannot fly to see him because of the right of cats on the airplane. I can drive but this would take 4 days- he will not be around by then. Why do cats have more right then human. They can go to luggage area- I cannot. I have no choice.

  3. Hi Melondy,

    I read your post above filing a lawsuit. Delta airlines and I had a similar issue. My daughter flew on a Delta flight and became very ill, upon arrival at our family home over the holidays, we had to leave trip a week early, by another Delta flight! Both times the flight had pets! Like the post here, it really doesn’t matter if the pets are present or not, the allergens still exist. I just had to fight a very similar case regarding pets and allergies and won 100% with the simple point that humans ARE more important THAN animals. Period. There is currently a very obvious gap here, and it needs to be addressed, before it’s worst!!

    1-800-455-2720 Delta customer complaint line… Call this them and complain about the rights of humans lives begin seriously affected by the animals they are allowing fly in the cabin with same air quality!!!! It is awful, there needs to a solution here.

    As of now Delta offered a 25$ credit. A joke. Can you believe these people! This is going to make them look even more GREEDY and careless when I sue this airline, as now I have no option but sue Delta.

  4. Truly unfortunate that the owner did not keep the cat secured in the carrier and everyone else suffered for it. Sorry to hear…

  5. Ok you will all love this story…… this weekend coming home on a two hour flight a cat got loose on the plane. It had diarrhea on the floor in the seats right behind us and then went in the seats beside us. Then, the flight attendant had to chase the fluffy white cat with diarrhea on it’s rear throughout the plane. It got on several passengers legs. We had to lift our feet and bags up because we didn’t want it on us. They spent over thirty minutes cleaning up the floor. A man had stepped in it and so they had to clean his shoe. My neice is allergic and started sneezing…several passengers were allergic had to wear mask. We had an hour left of the flight and the smell was unbelievable. Really……leave your pets at home.

  6. It’s simple, the RIGHTS of humans outweighs the “rights” of animals every time, when it comes to potential harm or death.
    What if a person goes into a full asthma attack or even respiratory arrest from a reaction? That leads to death without fast intervention. The lawsuit payout would easily outweigh the risk.

  7. Really simple. If you are a pet owner your pet goes in a crate below with the luggage. I am an animal lover but the pet thing has gone to far. Pets, on planes, stores, and even offices. Unless it is a real guide dog they need to be treated as pets.

  8. Mezzy,

    Your excuses amazes me. “Your two cats is the reason you’re alive.” Really! That’s some new age crap. This crap was never heard of back in the day. So if one or both of the cats die, you’re basically doomed? Any therapist will tell you, you’re totally dependent and you’re worse than a crack head in need of a fix. Quit your self loathing, and find it in you to love yourself. Stop making your problem every one else problem by forcing others to deal with them darn dander filled creatures.

  9. Amanda – there are many airlines that will not allow any live animal to fly in the cabin. That is determined by the airline’s pet policy. It is important that pets do not interfere with the normal operations in the cabin. The airlines have allocated as much space as they can to seating humans for obvious reasons and it is a matter of room, for one thing. We feel they should dedicate an area in the back of the plane for larger dogs, but that idea had not been included in the new airline designs. Actually, these new aircraft are making it harder for pet owners to fly their pets in the cabin.

  10. I have a 95lb German Shep. We moved from Australia home to Canada 4 years ago. He was 100% fine riding underneath the plane for his 16 hour flight. I don’t understand how “small” cats and dogs are permitted to ride in the cabin and my dog would not be. They should all go underneath the plane.

  11. Reptiles – good points there, but you are assuming that pet owners will all secure their pets properly and accidents won’t happen. Many folks are truly fearful of reptiles of any kind. An escape could bode quite a disturbance. Actually, it wasn’t until the early 1980’s that one woman pet owner single handedly convinced the airlines that dogs and cats should be able to fly in the cabin. Not that long ago in the scheme of things.

  12. After reading these comments, I would be interested to hear any opinions on allowing harmless reptiles (i.e., not poisonous, venomous and/or aggressive) into the air cabin, given that they are small, hypoallergenic and silent.

  13. Flights: 3 days with emotional support animals, AND 4 days with just people no exceptions,the 7 day plan. And planes should be reserved so as people have pointed out we are not sitting on seats that was also shared by the butt of a canine and the lingering animal danger for those that suffer from allergies. I would venture to guess that most of these people use the Emotional Support animal argument as an excuse because they don’t want their animals in the belly of the plane. I can understand that, I totally wouldn’t want my pet in the heated under carriage, but I would also not bring my animal with me. How did this all start? Animals are smelly and add weight to a plane. Why should a person who doesn’t want or can’t tolerate an animal in an enclosed cage with limited air flow (the cab of a plane with no escape) be burdened with this. People should have more rights than animals! Flights used to be a start to a vacation, a place to watch a movie in peace, a place to be served a meal without a dog begging for a scrap or jumping on a passengers meal. Did this begin slowly for handicapped individuals, who should be the only people on the plane with a well trained dog. why aren’t the other dogs muzzled? Why aren’t other animals, such as cats, etc. in cages at the feet of their owners. I used to fly all the time, there were never animals on the flight!?!?!?!? To me this is just another example of how we have lost touch with other people. People do not come first with many. It’s all about what an individual wants that matters to that individual. How can dogs and cats running through rows and attacking meal servers, biting children, make a flight safer? Just in the news today a 7 year old was bit by a dog on a plane. A few months ago a man was mauled, his face and neck! Disfigured for life because someone on the plane did not have their dog muzzled and blame the airlines for not making this a strict rule. How can an animal understand the popping in their ears as the plane ascends, or the motion of the plane that can make them vomit, how is this actually fair to the animal to put them through such a disorienting situation?

  14. FYI: Whether a pet is present on the plane or not, people that have pets at home have pet dander on their clothes, coats, suitcases, etc. The cat or dog does not have to be present.
    What about people like myself that have allergies from smells like cologne or aftershave products? I get a severe migraine besides start to wheeze from the smell. How about sitting next to someone with bad body odor? There will always be something.
    Some people with service animals cannot sit in the back of a plane because of medical conditions such as PTSD or panic disorders.
    I live with a husband and child that has asthma and if they know they will be in an environment with animals, they pre-medicate before they are in that environment.

  15. Troy – if you intend legal action against any company, you need to enlist the services of an attorney.

  16. I almost died March 1st being deadly allergic to cats. American Airlines did not ave a popper because I haven’t used mine in years. Please help me file a class action I will donate all the money. Troy

  17. Here is what I found out. American Airlines do not charge pet fees for service dogs or comfort animals. The animals have more rights then the sufferer. I have severe asthma and allergies, and according to a stupid comment made by “talking apes”. It’s all in my head? Really? Too bad you don’t asthma, matter of fact to bad you don’t. Have you ever been a situation your gasping for air because your bronchial tubes are closing up and your bronchial puffer isn’t working! I suppose I caused that myself, what a complete moron you are!!!!! The only way this is going to change is unfortunately someone will have to die in flight. I was on two first class flights one dog was well behaved until the stewardess was serving food the dog bit her. The other flight a dog was licking the plate it’s owner gave it.

  18. I am totally disgusted and frustrated to think that airlines chose to put the rights of animals before that of human beings. Perhaps they don’t realize the seriousness of an allergic reaction which can be deadly. How sad that people with medical conditions have to have an anxiety attack every time they see an animal boarding their flight. When this happens I have to heavily medicate, use my inhaler and hope and pray my condition doesn’t become more severe during the flight. This needs to change! I read two stories about people complaining of animals on their flight cause they had serious allergies…. and get this…… A woman was escorted off the plane for disorderly conduct when informing crew of her allergies (Southwest Airlines) and the other was a 7 year old boy who when he had an allergic reaction, his family was thrown off the plane (Allegiant Airlines) and the animals remained on board… Really?? Action must be taken to protect individuals with medical conditions. Just like peanuts are no longer allowed in most schools, animals should not be allowed on airplanes, with the exception of service dogs only. Perhaps airlines should include a question regarding allergies when purchasing a ticket.

  19. I agree, there should be a class action.
    It is just another instance of GREED by big business. The airlines want the money. They don’t care about anybody in particular, it’s all about the money.
    There is a difference between human beings and animals.
    We who have allergies or phobia’s or maybe just don’t want to have pets should not be forced to deal with them after paying good money for an airline ticket.

  20. It’s time to bring a class action lawsuit against airlines and hotels for refusing to respect our disability of allergies to animals. And once they allow pets at work (some places do), then what?

  21. I’ve been bitten twice by unfamiliar dogs – once right after the owner said ‘Oh, he doesn’t bite.’ I have the scar to prove he does! So emotionally it’s somewhat traumatic for me to be stuck in a small space next to an unfamiliar canine. It’s owner can assure me all they want that Snookums is friendly, but my PTSD goes into overdrive anyway. Why should they get to bring a dog to ease their anxiety, when it increases mine?! And lots of other people have been bitten by dogs and likely also get anxious when having to be near one.

  22. Talking apes, I wish it was as easy as taking a pill. I went to my aunt’s house while has two cats. I got so sick I had to “take a pill”. Not only did I pass out at her house, unable to participate in my uncle’s memorial, but I couldn’t make the 30 minutes drive home and feel like I could get my granddaughters home safe. At my aunt’s house I was able to at least go outside to get fresh air …this is NOT the case in a plane. On a 5 hour flight, I will be dead….pill or no pill…and I do carry an epipen. I love animals, it is destressing to me that I can no longer have pets due to my condition. I think there is a way to make it work but u fear the class action suit will be the avenue to get airlines attention… If anyone is going to start in, count me in.

  23. Al ergic, trust me where I say there are plenty of republican supporters with their animals in the plane…. Notice lack of name calling. Grow up

  24. This brings up 3 good points.

    The first is the actual service animals.
    Not from the people who buy a vest online. It does harm to actual service animals and the people who really need them.

    Next are the emotional support animals. Granted both side are valid (not including alligies that will be its own thing). But the animal most importantly must play nice with everyone.

    Allergies. This goes into 2 types a regular allergic reaction and anaphalatic shock. Those with allergies shouldn’t have to be subjected to the allergies causing substance if possible. In which case the three best ways to not have allergies are prevention(not going into the environment), removal (cleaning the allergin from the body or clothing), trying to use a antihistamine to block the receptors. (But its unfair to force a person to take drugs that most likely will change their mental status I’m looking at diphenhydramine aka benadryl)

    Then there are people who are anaphalatic to the animal. Unlike an allergic reaction ,anaphalatic shock if not treated will lead to death in a very short amount of time as the persons throat swells up preventing oxygen to go to the lungs and carbon dioxide to leave the body. (An allergic reaction can lead to anaphylaxis)
    The most common and some instances the only thing that will prevent the throat from completely closing is the drug epinephrine (which simulates the body’s fight or flight response) until the allagen can be removed from the body. One thing I’ve learned being an emt is this. It usually last 5-20 minutes.
    (In the probably only accessible on a plane if someone brought there own is the epipen)

    Example: my sister is anaphalatic to the dander, and bodily fluids of cats (Salvia, their urine, and a protein found in their fesus) and has gone into anaphalatic from entering a friend’s house tgat had one this is an example of a closed space now add to the fact on a plane you are in a sealed closed space this makes it dangerous no deadly to the person with anaphylaxis. She can go into anaphalatic shock in only a couple minutes.

  25. Daniel, I just re-read your comment.
    Stay home?? Really? That is exactly I have felt at several restaurants with other people’s children running around like maniacs.
    Filthy?? God you are so stupid. So you really believe that someone will buy a plane ticket for a pet they do not take care of?
    Have any of you ever sat down next to some obese (to put it nicely) woman who’s idea of a bath is pouring some gawdawful perfume all over her body??
    While this is fun and slightly amusing, I have some real stuff to do. Chat on , HATERS

  26. I was absolutely astonished to hear a cat meowing .. from the seat behind me On an AA plane. I had never heard of such a thing and I have travelled by plane a lot.
    Yes I’m allergic to cats!
    take them by car?

  27. Let me say this. You people who need ESA are sick in the head. I do not want to sit next to your dog or any other animal! You can ride below in the cargo with your stupid mutt!! Since when do animal rights come before human rights??!! Animals are filthy in so many ways.

  28. Wow! I can’t believe that hotels and airlines expect people to put up with these animals. Do they pay the same price for a seat as I do???Keep them out of my space on a plane or I guess I’ll just quit travelling as I think it’s all so gross! Do the airlines “clean” the space after the animals leave so people with allergies aren’t compromised? Why don’t you bring back smoking? It’s the same health hazard to some people.

  29. I have two ESA cats. I’m a bit saddened by the amount of people who seem to think me having these cats (and calling them pets) is a lifestyle choice, implying that my disability is a choice and I am choosing to burden allergy sufferers. The suggestion of people faking ESA’s has already been made. Once that has happened, it’s pretty much a dead end conversation from there. I can’t change your mind. However what I can say is that I didn’t choose to have a debilitating disorder that, if I didn’t have these cats, would leave me with nothing left to live for in this world. I am extremely suicidal and have lived on my own to finish college. It hasn’t been a joke, and if it weren’t for my cats I wouldn’t have made it this far. Today I am moving across the country and I need to take my cats with me. I went through the necessary channels (got several notes from my psychiatrist) and let the airline know months in advance of my reservation and requirements. I am truly sorry to those who suffer from allergies. However, some of us need to travel with our support animals. The risk of losing a pet in cargo is quite low, perhaps below 5% but that’s a risk I’m not willing to take. I’ve read horror stories about folks who have had their pets lost, and as someone with a legitimate psychiatric condition, it would not only cause me severe distress to know I’m putting my loved ones at risk like that (to the point where I would experience severe panic, stomach upset, and unrest the whole flight) but if my support animals were lost, I’d no doubt have no reason to live. Try to have some empathy. I have no way of knowing who has allergies. Try to reach out and communicate with folks and come to an understanding rather than say “I should take precedence. Memememe!!!” People who don’t have disabilities have no clue what we go through, let’s not use the same thought process against each other now.

  30. I recently flew on American Airlines from Dallas to Seattle. There were a large number of dogs on the airline. I am deathly allergic. Flight attendants offered to move me. That works like having a non-peeing section in the pool. What people don’t realize is that pet dander is so small it becomes airborn. Wearing a mask is not going to work because dander enters bodies through the pores. I now have a severe case of allergenic pneumonitis that will take weeks of steroids to recover from and a serious episode of related tachycardia. I’ve had it all documented by my physician and am going to seek legal action against the airline. Worse, pet dander doesn’t go away when the pet does and it has a half life. This is a serious public health issue. It’s time to be the squeaky wheel and let the airline world know that they’re going to need a separate section for pets that is enclosed and has a separate ventilation system or designate no pet flights.

  31. I have on MORE than one occasion specifically asked the gate agents to inform me if someone has a severe pet allergy when I take my ESA on a flight. I travel weekly for work, and when my husband died suddenly, and violently in front of me from a reaction to prescription medication, taking a bunch of prescription medication for the PTSD associated with it was not an option for me. While I travel with a dog every week, I still view it as a privlege not a right and I’m sensitive to others that paid good money to be on that flight. I honestly feel that those with allergies should have the right of way when it comes to these situations. I have voluntarily chosen to take another flight because of someone with allergies because it’s my choice to chose an ESA over medication, it’s not their choice to have to deal with it. And trust me, people who abuse the ESA system are sick and are absolutely despised by those of us who have legitimate issues. Long story short, even as someone who flys with an ESA every week, I feel the system is backwards. I shouldn’t have to beg the airline staff to inform me so I can be reaccomodated before someone with allergies has to change their plans, it should be the rule. Period.

  32. I notified the airline that I am allergic to dogs for my upcoming flight. In light of recent events I also got documentation from my allergist /immunologist that canine dander triggers my asthma. The airline has already called to reseat me,saying that there is a dog in my row.

    Hopefully this will work out. I don’t want to make a scene, but it is, as someone said, hard to breathe through a coffee straw or worse. I do my part with inhalers, antihistamines and carry N-95 masks.

    I wouldn’t mind too much being bumped for a genuine service dog, but for pets and ESA’s it seems genuinely a violation of human rights. Of course it’s devastating to be bumped and have to miss a family member’s funeral. I know a gal who has severe disabilities and has a service dog. She always checks the dog because she cares about other people’s needs. She relies on her human companion to help during the flight. To her and to those with her thoughtfulness, I am grateful.

    The air carrier access act that allows ESA,s needs to be reworked.

  33. If the airlines made it a policy that individuals traveling with emotional support animals – dogs and cats – must sit in the last two rows of the plane and NOT in the bulkhead, you would see a dramatic reduction in the number of animals on board planes. I was recently on a five hour flight from Hawaii with a woman who brought her dog and placed it on the meal tray. I informed the crew that I had an allergy and they offered me a seat next to the toilet. Why did I need to move. Where are my rights? This woman openly admitted she got the certificate on-line and just did not want to place her dog in the belly of the plane.

  34. I completely agree with Kathie and Courtney. The airlines need to offer flights without pets for passengers with allergies.I also strongly agree that we need to file a class action suit against the airlines. They have taken away the rights of MANY passengers with allergies.I can no longer fly. The airport and planes look like a zoo! There are so many animals. It is out of control because people are abusing this. Dr’s. are issuing these certificates without warrant. I have met people who laugh and say Oh, I don’t really need a ESA but it’s so easy to get. I also find that people DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE URGENCY of people with allergies.
    I also was born with asthma. It is not simply sneezing and getting watery eyes. I WILL DIE within 30 minutes.For people with asthma, our airways swell and close up and you die of suffogation! I would not even have time for a emergency landing, What I find so pathetic and sad is these pet owners without any compassion, such as TALKING APES. Get over it. Take a pill! A Amicron stated, maybe if you saw a child blue in the face, dying in front of you, you would learn compassion and realize the urgency of this matter. What I am also seeing it that the people with allergies who are suffering are the ones looking for a solution and only asking for a alternative to secure our rights as well and allow us to fly. It is the people with pets who are not seeing another view point ans saying, ” I need to have my baby with me”. And telling sufferers, take a pill. It’s very sad. AGAIN, WE NEED TO FILE AGAINST THE AIRLINES to regain our rights.

  35. This is INSANE!! Since when are animals allowed in cabins????? It was always in the below luggage compartment! WTF?? ALLERGIC PASSENGERS’S RIGHTS TO CLEAN AIR ARE BEING VIOLATED!!! Allergic people can DIE because of stupid snowflakes! ANIMALS DO NOT BELONG IN A CABIN WITH HUMANS!!! At the very least what they could do is have special flights, one per week, for idiot snowflakes and their beasts. DOWN WITH LIBTARD SNOWFLAKES AND THEIR IDIOTIC “feelings”!

  36. For some, being in the same room with an animal is like someone pointing a gun at their head. Those that don’t suffer or have an immediate relative that suffers, don’t get it. Until you have had to look at the blue face of your child that can’t breath, you won’t get it. If I could give him a pill(@TalkingApes) and have all of this go away I would. The hardest thing about being a parent is watching them suffer and struggle and not being able to do anything about it. He was born with this. It is not his choice – in fact, he would like nothing more than to snuggle up with a dog and go to sleep. But doing this would cause him to die. If you want to know what it is like, close your lips around a coffee straw and breath through nothing but that for an hour. Let me know how you feel at the end and how long you were able to not think about breathing. Now what if this feeling did not go away? There is no way to “deal with” an allergy and asthma disability (which actually is covered under the ADA). How does anyone get to decide that one disability takes precedence over another. I would LOVE to support animal-free flights. I would even pay extra for it, although I shouldn’t have to.

  37. Oh for the gods sake will you all just stop already about your “allergies”?? Take a damn pill and shut the hell up. Most of it is all in your heads anyway. You repeatedly tell yourself that you’re going to have a reaction – guess what? You’re going to have a reaction guaranteed.

  38. A few weeks ago I went to Whistler BC and checked into a high end hotel for a relaxing getaway with my family. As I was waiting to register, I noticed at least 5 large dogs in the lobby. My stress level went up five notches. I also noticed water bowls scattered around the lobby, and hotel staff handing out dog biscuits.

    When it was our turn to check in we informed the concierge that we had severe pet allergies and requested they guarantee a pet free room. He blanched and scrambled to try to come up with a solution.

    We can’t go to people’s homes because so many have pets (and no amount of vacuuming is going
    to solve the problem. Those without severe allergies rarely understand)

    We find it challenging to fly because of animals in cabins and for all the reasons outlined above Now fancy hotels are catering to pets.
    Where I live there are 2000plus homeless people in spitting distance from numerous doggie daycares, pet bakeries and pet clothing stores. Where are our priorities?

    Airlines stopped serving peanuts on flight due to the danger to passengers with anaphylactic allergies. Why can’t they stop allowing pets on planes for the same reason?

  39. People are born with pet allergies; it is not a lifestyle choice that they make. It is a health issue (and for some a life threatening one) and not something they can change. So why are they inconvenienced and put in a harmful situation when it comes to airline travel? Allergy suffers are the ones shuffled around & removed from their flights, meanwhile the pets & owners go on their merry way. The ADA also protects people with allergies, although that seems to be a little known or enforced fact. I have had many pets in my lifetime, but I would never dream of forcing them on anyone, especially in the close confines of an airplane. And I don’t appreciate someone else’s pets invading my space. Advocacy is desperately needed on this.

  40. it would be good to travel with pets and not with the people who already comment. some people like myself can’t leave my dog at home she only know her family us and because you never had a pet you complain here. it would be perfect to travel without all the annoying complaining people. animals are far better and nicer in life. animals are the same as humans have feelings, miss their family . so yes we will take our pets with us and we want more rights for them to travel in a plane and not as cargo they have the same mentality as a kid so i want my dog in the cabin. they aren’t objects so why should they be treated like things that aren’t alive. most people love dogs and the people who don’t are the lesser so why should we as dog lovers be ignored for the minority of people

  41. I was removed from a JetBlue flight because of a pet and my allergy. I asked the gate agent if pets were near me, gave my seat info. I was told “no pets on onboard”. Then a person with pet moved into seat next to me. I got up, raised my hand to inform flight attendant. I moved out of the row to avoid getting the hives, then the owner moved to a different row and I returned to my seat. Next thing I know I am being told to get off flight. This situation was escalated by staff, I was left stranded and banned from flying out later. I had to make other flight arrangements. People should be accommodated before pets and gate agents should pay attention to information given them to avoid all situations.

  42. Just took a flight that was delayed on the runway due to pets. People have allergies. They moved the dog owners, then the cat owners. The dogs ended up 3 rows away and there was lots of sneezing from inconvenienced travelers. We were already so late taking off that we had no choice but to accept them. They also smelled. I for one don’t appreciate my travel days on vacations being ruined by selfish pet owners. Why should I suffer congestion and headaches? Leave them home

  43. Kathie that has totally been what i’ve been preaching to anyone and everyone! Make 1 – 2 flights a week pet free, puts those of us with allergies inconvenienced more than those with the pets! We need a lobby group in D.C. that can help. Thoughts?

  44. i cannot go to my three sons houses as they all have cats and I have a terrible allergy which causes a whole day of agony if I touch anything, so I stay away to alleviate any problems..Now I travel to mexico several times a year and have to worry about some inconsiderate passenger who claims to need an animal to comfort themselves. I personally know one of my relatives who convinces her doctor to say she needs this and all the while laughed because it was nothing more than a way for her to travel without putting the thing into a kennel..Why should I have to carry an epipen when I dont use one any other time so people who scam this and people who need to be comforted by a pet can make my life and the lives of others who feel violated by this pracice. Either have them drive in their own car, or charter a flight privately…If they cant survive without the pet, how the heck are they getting on an airplane anyway…NUT JOBS with no regard for others…..And are the arilines checking the legal documentation which states that the prescription for the pet needs to be within one year and also that the disease must be a mental disorder and documented in the DSM…

  45. A simple solution would be to offer flights without pets. As a person with severe asthma to animal dander why should I become ill on a flight with pets? It is time for a class action suit against airlines who put passengers in danger. Be fair and offer this option. Let people who want to fly with their pets have access to certain flights and those of us who are highly allergic have access to pet free flights. Who is in agreement?

  46. Totally agree with Candy above. Pets are not polite – they pee when they want, drool when they need to, stare at you, etc. Not their fault of course, they are animals. I am not a fan. Plane rides used to be for people to relax, be quiet, and not be bothered. Pets need to return home or go below!

  47. Wow, @Tony: ‘get over it’? I’m guessing you’ve never had an asthma attack; or maybe you don’t breathe? Teach me how not to breathe and I won’t say a word about, say, the woman who had a cat next to me on a flight. People like you are ignorant and obviously have no compassion for allergy sufferers. I love dogs (though am allergic to some), but cats I am highly allergic to. I hope I never get on a flight with you, because I have a feeling I would be allergic to you.

  48. I really don’t like seeing animals sit on peoples laps on airlines. Many good folk simply pretend it doesn’t bother them and downplay their true feelings while being forced to sit beside your dog that keeps starring at them hoping for a tickle or food scrap. This has ruined air travel for me since I have lost my rights to what used to be relative peace in the sky. Why can’t you keep your dogs head and butt out of my tiny morsel of space? You people seem offended if we don’t all love your pup – you don’t care that we might be offended, since we don’t register in your self-centered little bubble.

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