International Pet Travel Country Questions

International Pet TravelTraveling internationally with a pet? Have questions about country requirements for entering with a pet?

  • Will my pet be quarantined?
  • What vaccinations does my pet need?
  • Will my pet need a passport?

Post your questions here and we will respond within 24 hours. You can also find information on international pet travel here: international pet travel

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  • Claudia – what country is your cat residing in now?

  • I wanna bring my cat Lissi with my to the italy skiresort stroblhof ( what do you think is it recommendable? Thanks a lot.

  • Jennifer – if all the requirements are met, then 10 days of quarantine are required of pets entering from the US. You can find details on bringing your pet to New Zealand here: There should be no quarantine in the US prior to departure. Not sure how you can bring your Dane to the country other than commercial airline.

  • Jennifer Lunden

    My husband and I are considering moving from Maine to New Zealand, and are looking into ways to get our Great Dane (105 lbs) and our two cats there without flying in a plane’s cargo hold. I’m having difficulty finding options for a large dog. I’m also having a hard time getting detailed information about quarantine laws for dogs arriving in New Zealand from the United States. Is if 30 days in quarantine (at a facility, I’m guessing) upon arrival? And is there ALSO a quarantine that needs to happen in the US before departure??

    Thank you!

  • Amiera – unfortunately, we don’t have information about bringing a guinea pig to Malaysia. We would suggest you contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Malaysian Embassy in Indonesia. Sorry we cannot be of more assistance to you.

  • amiera

    is it possible if i want to bring my guinea pig from medan, indonesia to malaysia? and hows the procedure?

  • Kyle – you should have no problems entering Germany from Slovenia with an EU pet passport updated by your veterinarian with microchip and rabies information. The wait time refers to the first vaccination administered after the chip is implanted. If more than 21 days have expired since that vaccination, then you will be fine.

  • Kyle


    I plan on adopting a GSD where I am currently living, Slovenia. Come March, I will fly out of Munich, Germany to Chicago, Illinois. The dog has a full EU passport, microchip and rabies vaccination up to date. I will also have a veterinarian certified inspection done prior to traveling with him.

    Will I run into any issues in Munich? Read a page saying you must wait 21 days, but it was unclear if that was based on the Rabies vaccination, which he already has done.


  • Christina – that is correct about your dog’s breed being banned in Ontario. They are also banned in Toronto. We do not know of any other province in Canada where they are banned.

  • Christina

    We plan to travel into Canada, from the US, with our dog. We plan to cross the Lynden border into B.C. Does anyone know if american staffordshire terrier is allowed to cross at this border? I have read that they are banned in Ontario.
    Thank you.

  • Katy – most airlines will not transport pets in the cargo hold when the temperature drops below 45 degrees. This for the safety of your pet. Not all airlines flying out of the UK require that your cat travel in cargo. If you are planning to accompany your cat, then try to find one that will fly your cat in the cabin with you.

  • Sumrah – you will need to contact Emirates Cargo to confirm the answer to your question. Emirates should permit your pets to fly as manifest cargo. We are unsure of the requirments of the United Arab Emirates to import them, however. You will need to contact the Ministry of Environment and Water and inquire. Certainly, a health certificate would be required, but we are unsure if there are additional requirements.

  • Jessica – you will need proof of current rabies vaccination more than 30 days prior to entry to the US and a health certficate issued in English within 10 days of travel. You can find links to instructions and forms here:

  • Katy – BA will require that you book through an agent. Will add to the cost.

  • Katy

    Does anyone know how much it will cost to bring a cat on a flight from the UK to the US on British Airways?

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