International Pet Travel Country Questions

International Pet TravelTraveling internationally with a pet? Have questions about country requirements for entering with a pet?

  • Will my pet be quarantined?
  • What vaccinations does my pet need?
  • Will my pet need a passport?

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International Pet Travel Country Questions — 632 Comments

  1. Hello Eric – USDA endorsement is only required for pets leaving the US. No endorsement required. I don’t see anything about requirements to import a ferret to Oregon, but they should be vaccinated for rabies and travel with a health certificate. If you want to confirm, here is the email:

  2. One question please: I’m going to have a licensed vet here in Japan make up a health certificate for my 2 ferret that I’m bringing into the US (Oregon) soon. Does this certificate require a USDA endorsement, and if so, who can we contact for one? I’ve been calling the USDA, CDC, and vet associations, but they all keep telling me to call someone else. I appreciate your help.

  3. Sudheer – we would advise not transiting in either London or Singapore if possible. We would start with Lufthansa that connects in Frankfurt. (this would be into Houston). Don’t know when you are traveling, but watch the temperatures. Above 80 degrees and there is a problem with your Persian as it is snub-nosed. (unless Lufthansa allows it in the cabin). As for US requirements, you can find them here:

  4. Aaren – it sounds like your cat is traveling in the cabin with you. If this is the case, then it should not need to enter Japan as long as you stay in the secure area of the terminal. This is assuming that you are flying on the same airline in and out of Tokyo. If you are changing airlines, then things get very complicated as you will need to recheck your cat on the next airline which will cause you to clear customs and enter Japan.

  5. Hello – I am relocating from Chennai, India to USA (port of entry will be either Houston or San Francisco) with my family that includes a dog (5 yrs labrador in a 4’x3’x2′ stainless steel standard dog carrier) & a Persian cat (3 years), in July / August timeframe. (1) Are there only few airlines that allow pets (expecting one change of plane – 2 or 3 hours layover in London or UAE or Singapore, … depending on airlines) ? (2) Are they to be ticketed as “special” check-in luggage / can the smaller one – the cat, travel in the cabin with us in her carry-on luggage sized travel carrier ? / approximate cost to be expected ? (3) Both pets need a microchip / & any shots beyond the annual ones given to dogs generally (rabies, ..); along with a health certificate by a Vet within 30 days of travel ? (4) Quarantine required in USA ? Other procedures to consider in USA ? Thanks for your time ..

  6. My husband and I are moving to Guam and our flights have been booked and our cat has been prepared with the massive amount of paperwork needed. I am concerned because we have a 4 hour layover in Tokyo. I know Japan has strict laws just as does Guam will I need to Quarantine my cat in Tokyo as well? How is the transit security with international flights? Can I use my TSA precheck so I do not have to remove my cat from the carrier?

  7. Israel – assuming that your English Bulldog is over 3 months of age, it will need a rabies certificate to enter the US reflecting a current rabies vaccination administered no sooner than 30 days of import. Canada will also need to see a rabies certificate. Would recommend that you travel with a health certificate issued shortly prior to travel because many States in the US require it.

  8. Hi I’m traveling with a dog from US to EU. Is the health certificate enough or I need a pet passport? I’m traveling to Austria. Thanks

  9. Hi there , I am trying to bring mu english bulldog from Mexico to Canada vancouver, I called few airlines and it cannot be done trough air, What kind of paperwork do I need to bring the dog trough the states and canada , I don’t wanna have problems at the border

  10. Hello Anita – good news. You do not need to go through the USDA endorsement if your dog has an EU Pet Passport. The US will honor the EU Pet Passport. Check with your airline that a health certificate is not required, but, if it is, it does not need USDA endorsement anymore.

  11. Hello,

    I am an American living in Germany (non-military). We brought our dog over to Germany in December using the microchip, rabies vac, health certificate and USDA endorsement instructions, and everything went smoothly. Over time we will need to make short trips (<1 week) back to the U.S. (with the pup). Since we have German residency, I can get an EU Pet Passport.

    My question is… if we obtain a Pet Passport, do I need to go through the complicated original process (health certificate, USDA endorsement, etc) again every time we go to the US and return to Germany?

    Thank you!

  12. Hi Heather – the US will recognize the EU Pet Passport. You should not need an additional health certificate, but that would be an airline requirement so you should confirm this with your airline. Yes, you will claim your baggage and clear customs with your pet. There should be no issues unless your dog has visible health problems.

  13. Hello. I’m traveling from the UK to the USA with an ESA (dog) in-cabin on United airlines. I’m pre-approved to do this with the airline. Dog is vaccinated against rabies and has an EU Pet Passport. Does the USA recognize the EU Pet Passport as an acceptable form of rabies vaccination documentation? Do I also need a health certificate? Do I need to complete any import forms? Upon landing, do I go to the customs desk and is that where an official will check my paperwork? We are landing in New Jersey and then flying to Ohio the same day- staying for 10 days and then flying back to the UK. I understand requirements for entry into the UK. Thanks for your help. Your blog and website are great!

  14. Hi John – your puppy will need to be microchipped and vaccinated for rabies (in that order but same vet visit is fine) and wait for 21 days before traveling to the UK. The rabies vaccination cannot happen before the puppy is 12 weeks of age. A vet in Spain must issue an EU Pet Passport in your name as the owner of the puppy else the transport will be considered commercial. Additionally, a tapeworm test must be administered within one and five days of entry to the UK. Know that France has some pretty strict banned breed laws (as does the UK) if you are considering the purchase of a breed that is typically considered as dangerous. You can find requirements to enter both France and the UK with a pet here:

  15. Hi I am travelling to benidorm in a few months where I wish to purchase a puppy from a pet shop but I don’t know the regulations and paperwork I need to bring the puppy back to the UK driving through France can this be done

  16. My lab has Myasthenia Gravis and getting vaccinated for rabies will exacerbate his illness. We want to travel through Canada and want to know if they would allow a waiver for him. He had been vaccinate for years before acquiring MG. Our vet has recommended that he not be vaccinated again.

  17. Mirzaasad – you can find requirements to import your dog from Pakistan to the United Kingdom here with links to further instructions and forms if you need them: To avoid traveling under commercial regulations, you or your regulations should travel with your dog. We also note that, because Pakistan is considered a high-rabies country by the EU, the rabies titer test referenced in step #3 will be required.

  18. Hi pet travel I have dog in Pakistan my brother move in other country for studies I want to bring here in uk so what should i do and what kind off documents I need and what procedure in uk if I cargo pet from Pakistan and how much is cost please let me know

  19. Kathy – both Asiana and Korean Airlines fly this route and both fly pets in the cabin. You may want to check with them to see if they permit pets in the cabin on this specific route.

  20. Karen – both Asiana Airlines and Korean Air fly this route non-stop and both carry pets in the cabin. Much better than having your Chi in the hold.

  21. Hello Pet Travel. I am in the process of getting my cat ready to relocate from the U.S. to Japan. I am currently looking for airlines that still allow cats to travel in the cabin from San Francisco to Japan. It seems many airlines are no longer allowing pets in the cabin. Do you know of any?

  22. Would I be able to fly my chihuahua on a flight from Los Angeles to Incheon or should I get a proffesional service to take him? I’m going to move there soon and I can’t bear to leave my baby so I want to take him with me however from what I’ve seen transport is really expensive and I wan’t to know if I would absolutely have to send him through that. Thank you.

  23. Valerie – under normal circumstances, pets that change airlines in an airport must clear customs to access the check-in counter of the new airline and this will cause your pet to clear customs and enter the country. We are not aware of any arrangement that Lufthansa has with United that would allow the transit of your dog. You may want to direct your inquiry to an agent that serves the Munich Airport. Try and search for an agent that serves that airport. They may be able to assist.

  24. Hello! I am traveling to the US from Turkey with a layover in Germany. My trip is unexpected and due to an emergency so I could not plan this out further in advance. Due to airline regulations, I will HAVE to switch my dog in Munich from Lufthansa to United. I have read and re-read about importing pets to the EU from a high rabies country like Turkey. If my dog is transiting Germany for 4 hours and although I will have to collect her from Lufthansa and take her to the United Check-in area, does she need to be fully EU compliant since she is “technically” entering Germany but for less than 4 hours??

  25. Sarit – we are not aware of any additional testing or paperwork that can be done to avoid quarantine. The question would be whether Bulgaria has quarantine facilities that could accommodate your pet for the balance of time it would need to comply with EU regulations. You may want to contact veterinary officials at Sophia and inquire. phone/fax 00 359 2 945 92 78 e-mails:;

  26. I had the rabies titer test done as part of the preparation for traveling to Bulgaria. But I was unaware of the 3 month waiting period.
    Is there something I could do? I need to travel a month and a half after the test is done.
    Are there additional tests or paperwork I could do in order to avoid the waiting period?
    Thank you

  27. Hi Donna- according to EU regulations, the number of pets that can travel with their owner at one time is 5. The alternative is that they travel commercially under different and more stringent regulations. EU legislation applies to all EU countries, so the rules are pretty much the same with the exception of the UK, Norway and Finland which will require a tapeworm treatment for your dogs. Your parrots will require quarantine as well. You can find regulations for every EU country here:

  28. I have quite a few pets & I only see information pertaining to 2 or maybe 4. How would I go about moving dogs, cats, & parrots? Would this be a commercial movement even though they are all pets & are already spayed or neutered? Which EU countries would it be easiest to move to from the U.S.? I could charter a plane in order to move them togeather. Would they have to be quarantined & if so could I visit them daily?

  29. Thank you very much for the information Susan. I didn’t know the EU did not consider TCI to be rabies-constrolled conuntry. I will do the rabies titer test.

  30. Genevieve – as part of your preparation to import your cat to Spain, it will need an Annex IV form completed by a licensed veterinarian within 10 days of travel. As long as this certificate has not expired, and, as the EU considers Canada to be a rabies-controlled country, a statement should not be required. However, you did not mention a rabies titer test which will be required as the EU does not consider the Turks and Caicos islands to be a rabies-controlled country. Details here:

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