International Pet Travel Country Questions

International Pet TravelTraveling internationally with a pet? Have questions about country requirements for entering with a pet?

  • Will my pet be quarantined?
  • What vaccinations does my pet need?
  • Will my pet need a passport?

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International Pet Travel Country Questions — 573 Comments

  1. Hi Susan,

    Sorry for the confusion, too many things going on in my head 🙂 I’m moving from Singapore to Malaysia and am hoping to drive across the bridge. My cats have been in Singapore for 8 years so this will mean no quarantine – Yay!

    Is the paperwork the same no matter how you enter the country or are there different forms to fill in for the road crossing?
    What is the process on the actual day of import?
    Finally is the Tuas crossing the only way to import or can I use the Woodlands crossing?

    Many thanks

  2. Alison – we are a bit confused as to your question because you mention that you are moving from Malaysia to Singapore but your question is whether you can drive your cats to Malaysia from Singapore. If you want to enter Malaysia from Singapore from across the bridge, then your cats must be eligible to enter Malaysia without quarantine. This would be true if your cats had resided in Singapore for a minimum of 6 months. (See step 6 here: Otherwise, all cats and dogs requiring quarantine must enter Malaysia at at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA),l Senai International Airport in Jahore, Labuan International Airport, Labuan F.T. or Bayan Lepas International Airport in Penang. If you are going from Malaysia to Singapore over the bridge, then your cats will be taken to Sembawang Quarantine Station when you cross the border as Malaysia is considered a Category D country requiring quarantine.

  3. Hi there,

    I am hoping to get the documents together myself to move my 2 cats from Malaysia to Singapore. I have the requirements and am happy to get these sorted out. The only part that I am unsure about is whether I can drive my cats across the bridge from Singapore to Malaysia. I’ve read that it is possible but on it doesn’t mention this option. Can you clarify whether I can do this and what the process involves.

    Many thanks

  4. Marzhan – the Netherlands will not permit un-vaccinated puppies or kittens to enter the country, but they do not mention anything about transiting. Germany does state that un-vaccinated pets cannot transit the country. We are unsure of enforcement however. Your airline would be a good source to ask.

  5. We are planning to fly with a 6 weeks old puppy (in cabin) from Czech Republic to Kazakhstan through Netherlands. The airline in and out of Netherlands will be the same, with a layover of 4 hours. The puppy will be microchipped, dewormed, will have its health certificate and a pet passport. What are the regulations and paperwork we need to meet (declarations, forms, etc.)? Kazakhstan requires only the pet passport.
    Another option is to fly through Germany, with a layover of less than 2 hours. As far as we understand we do not need to conform to German regulations in this case. What option will be most appropriate or are the regulations the same in both cases?
    Thank you in advance.

  6. Sean – what do temperatures run in St Croix in mid August? This could be a problem with your dog flying in the cargo hold. Will need to research Air Berlin’s breed restrictions and update post.

  7. I’m trying to book a flight for me and my AmStaffMix (2007) from StCroix USVI to Copenhagen DK in mid August , American Airlines and possibly FinnAir or BerlinAir and I am NOT finding anything on breed restrictions for AirBerlin , just IATA approved crate requirements , I have contacted the DK ministry of food and read all of DK legislation on these types of dogs , I’m allowed to have her if I prove ownership BEFORE 2010 , there are muzzle requirements and leash requirements ! These dogs are also NOT allowed into Germany unless transporting through! What is AirBelin’s the dog policy conserning specific breeds? AND would you have any recommendations on the route or airline used first ? Choice A? Choice B? Thank you for your time on this!-) Sean

  8. Charlotte – as you are traveling with your dog, it will need an Annex IV form for France as that is your first point of entry into the EU. You can use the same form to enter the UK. It must be completed within 10 days of travel and endorsed by the Department of Livestock Development. You may need an export permit to export your pet from Thailand, and your pet will be inspected at the airport several days before your flight. You will collect your dog at CDG near the baggage claim. After claiming her, you will pass through customs together.

  9. HI
    I am travelling with one pet dog from thailand to Paris CDG (then on to the UK by Eurotunnel). I’m travelling on May 16th- and as its getting very close now- I am getting anxious about mis-information I may have been given…. and communication in thailand can be very challenging.

    She is a UK dog that I took to thailand with me and has an EU passport. I have her blood test certificate, Micro Chipped, she will have a health certificate (issued 3 days prior to travel + wormed). Good General Health.

    She will be travelling in the hold as Excess Baggage- Via Thai Airways.

    Can you advise what Annex Certificate I require, as Thai Airways are telling me I need an annex IV, but I have also been told I may need an annex V…or even annex III…. Ideally the Annex would cover me to arrive in Paris, and also be valid to continue on to UK.

    Also, once I have collected my dog (do you have any info on where I will collect her at CDG?), I will need to clear her through customs I presume- what documentation in addition to the above will I require to do this if any?

    Many Thanks

  10. Gale – you may want to contact the Ministry of Health in Italy and ask for a medical exception. (0039-06 5994-6540) You can also inquire at the Italian Embassy in your country. If your dog lives in a rabies controlled country, they may permit it.

  11. Sharon – as long as you are flying in and out of Hawaii on the same airline and the layover is not over 3 hours if your dog is flying in the hold, then you will transit the island and do not need to conform to their requirements. You can find requirements to enter Fiji with a pet here:

  12. Matthew – you need to search for your tortoise’s species name here: If it is there, then you need to contact them to learn what permits you will need to travel to Japan. Additionally, a health certificate will be required and likely a notification form. Here is the form and a translation: You can confirm by contacting the Quarantine Station at Narita 81-476-32-6708.

  13. Maybe a cargo only airline like Centurion? If they do not fly the route, ask your airport which cargo airlines will. Stay flexible, though. These airlines do not fly set schedules. Also, make sure your Bullie has a large bowl of water attached to the door.

  14. Shanti – ask the airlines whether an APHIS form is required. If your pet is traveling as cargo, it likely will. It should be endorsed like the Annex form is. The originals stay with your dog (attached to the crate) if your dog is traveling in the hold. You should make copies of the form to keep with you.

  15. Possibly moving from the states to Italy with my 10 year old dog. Her veterinarian has said she cannot have another rabies vaccine as the last one caused serious side effects. Is it possible to have a letter stating this from the vet and avoid my dog possibly dying from the vaccine? She is a very healthy girl.

  16. We will move from Ghana to Fiji. If we travel via Hawaii, will our dog have to meet all of Hawaii’s animal regulations for the layover?

  17. Hello, my name is Matthew. I’m trying to find information on traveling to Japan from Florida, our family pet tortoise. He is a red footed tortoise. I tried looking up on CITES, and can’t understand what would need to be done and paperwork need to bring him permanently to Japan. Thank you

  18. English Bulldog – 5 yo – 23 kg
    travel Caracas – Ve to Miami- USA

    Can u help me to send my dog, we are moving soon, and can’t find who can transport her.

  19. Hi Jason, thank you for your help! Sorry could you clarify.. I thought the aphis form was for countries that dont require a specific health certificate like the Iv form. So the airline also require an aphis or other type of health certificates? Do the airlines and custom only check the documents or keep them? How many of the same originals do I need if maybe traveling to more then one eu country?

  20. You will need the Annex IV form for the first country in the EU that you will enter. It will be good in any EU country for 4 months. EU Pet Passports are only issued to residents living in the EU.

  21. Shanti – the English version of the Annex IV is fine to enter Switzerland with your pet. We include the forms with instructions on how to fill them out in our pet passport packages if you need them. ( You can also look for them online. The rabies vaccine must be an approved inactivated vaccine or recombinant vaccine. You may want to ask your vet if purvax fits these categories.

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