Costs for taking your pet to England

Taking your pet to England We have received many comments recently regarding the costs of taking a pet to England. Every pet flying into England must arrive as manifested cargo. You cannot fly into England with a pet in the cabin or as checked baggage. This is a rule of commerical airlines; it is not a requirement of the United Kingdom.

Here is the procedure as to how your pet will be handled once arriving in England:

The handler/agent that takes your pet from the airline to the Animal Reception Center (ARC) will charge a fee of about $150.00

There is an EU Border Inspection Fee of about $100.00.

DEFRA imposes a fee for their services at the ARC of about $330.00

This is the cost for the first animal. Additional animals are charged only a few dollars more up to 5 pets.

You should expect the entry fees to be between UKP400 and UKP450 (between $600.00 and $660.00 US)

Please note that these charges are as of June, 2010. They are subject to change. Pet travel to England certainly needs to be budgeted. Similiarly, so does preparation as the rabies titer test needs to be done 3 months in advance of travel for cats, dogs and ferrets entering from high-rabies countries.

More information on our taking your pet to England.


Costs for taking your pet to England — 27 Comments

  1. Em – the reason why it is so expensive to fly a live animal into the U.K. Is that it must arrive fly as air cargo. Also, an agent must collect your cat from the plane and take it to the Animal Reception Center where you will pick it up. Generally, they build that price into the ticket.

    You can fly into Paris with your pet as checked baggage, take the train to Calais and take Le Shuttle to England. You will need a car to ride Le Shuttle and there are services like Folkeston Taxi and Pet Movers who will do that if a friend or relative cannot pick you up. You can also fly to Amsterdam, take the train to Rotterdam and take a ferry to Hull. A bit longer, but no car is needed. It depends on your final destination.

  2. Hi there,

    I desperately want to move my cat with me from Melbourne, AUS to the UK next year. I have received 3 quotes for $3000! OMG – never knew it was so expensive!! Does anyone know a cheaper company?


  3. Lex-it s nothing nexpensive to fly a pet to the U.K. because your dog must fly as air cargo and Virgin is likely including the cost of an agent to collect your dog from the plane and take it to the Animal Receptions Center for processing. VAT is calculated at 20% of the value of your dog + it’s transport. If you file. Transfer of Residency form with customs, the VAT will be returned to you. There are also processing fees to for the ARC and that can run over $300.

    You may want to contact some other airlines to see what their charges are. Remember to ask them if the cost of an agent is included.

    Many pet owners fly to Paris and take the train to Calais and take Le Shuttle across the Chunnel. Your dog can fly as checked baggage which is less expensive. However, you will need a car to ride on Le Shuttle and we are unsure whether the train accepts larger dogs. There are services that will pick you up like Folkestown Taxi or Pet Movers.

    There is also a ferry out of Rotterdam that has kennels available. (P&O) this may be an option as well.

  4. I may be working on the UK for a year and want to take my shepherd/husky mix with me. I’m based near San Francisco, California.
    I’ve looked into pet passports and all the rest of it; she’s up to date on rabies shots and microchipped.
    However talking to Virgin, they are asking around £6500 (Plus VAT) for the round trip. This seems very excessive and completely out of my budget. Doesn’t anyone know a way to do this in a way pet owners can actually afford?

  5. Hi Andy & Nadine – you will need to review the regulations to import your cats to England so you can avoid having them in quarantine. Find them here: We would note that, because the Philippines is considered a high-rabies country by the EU, the titer test in step #3 will be required.

    Your cats must enter England as air cargo. You will need to contact the cargo department of an airline that flies the entire route to Heathrow, Gatwick or Edinburgh airports.

  6. Hi, We are moving from the Philippines to England and are looking into taking our 3 cats with us.

    Any advice on procedures and costs would be very much appreciated.


  7. Keith – try contacting Virgin Atlantic or South African Airways Cargo Departments. Both have non-stop routes between JNB and LHR.

  8. Jenna – it is very difficult to answer your question not knowing where you are currently located. We can say that Canada is very pet friendly. Depending on your route, likely your cat can travel in the cabin if your airline’s pet policy accepts that and your dog can travel as accompanied checked baggage. The cost will depend on your airline and your route.

  9. My husband and I are about to get a cat and a dog, we will be moving to Canada in a few years time. I am trying to get an idea of the cost to bring a cat and medium size dog over to Canada and how long that might take.

  10. Hello Ashley – you can find step-by-step requirements to import your cats to the UK here with links to further instructions and forms if you need them:

    Your cats will need to arrive in the UK as air cargo, so you will want to find an airline that flies the entire route and contact their cargo department for details. They will need pet crates similar to these:

  11. Hello, I am travelling from Canada, Ontario to the UK in may, I have 3 cats and am looking for how to obtain the proper documents as I can’t seem to find them anywhere!

    Any advice on the process from here (start to finish) would be much appreciated!

  12. Melissa – the Queen Mary 2 is the only commercial vessel that we are aware of that accepts pets on board. Pets stay in their kennels and their owners can visit them often. You can find more details on this service here:

    As for flying into France, you can take a pet friendly train from Paris to Calais which is where Le Shuttle originates. You and your pet will need an automobile to use this service, however. If you have friends that can pick you up or there are services that will do so as well. Another option is to fly to Amsterdam, take a train to Rotterdam and take P&O Ferries to Hull. This is a longer trip, but a vehicle is not necessary.

  13. I’m in the US (Florida) and we have three cats; one is very anxious and dislikes strangers. I read that you could possibly take your pets via ship, such as the Queen Mary 2 (a Cunard ship), but only into a port in the South. The ship allows for you to visit the kennels while on board which is why that could be an option for us. Do you know anything about that?

    Also, previously mentioned was the alternative way to take pets into France and taking Le Shuttle through the Chunnel. How would that work exactly?

  14. Astrid – you can find requirements to import your dogs from China to England here: There are links to instructions and forms there if you need them. As China is considered a high-rabies country by the UK, the titer test in step #3 will be required. As to cost, if your dogs are flying, they will need to enter England as air cargo. This is a requirement of the airlines due to the process once your dogs have landed. This is more expensive than traveling with your pets as checked baggage. Find an airline that flies your route most directly and is approved to fly into the UK and contact their cargo department for the cost. What is your departure city in China?

  15. I am looking into the costs and rules to bring dogs from China to England but I can’t seem to find any clear answers. I know what tests they will need but the cost varies from 2000-25000RMB. Can anyone help me?

  16. hi Mandy – you may want to check some other airlines. All pets must enter England as manifest (air) cargo which is more expensive than checked baggage. Additionally, a licensed agent must pick up your pet from the plane and take it to the Animal Reception Center where you will pick it up. Generally, the airlines build that cost into their ticket. Know that there will also be ARC fees as well. It is not inexpensive to fly to England with a pet. Another option would be to fly to France with your pet as checked baggage and take Le Shuttle through the Chunnel but you will need a car for that.

  17. hi can anyone tell me who i can fly my dogs into england with that doesn’t cost a fortune .i lived in england and i am now going back to live there but the quote i got is for well over 4 thousand dollars that is so high can anyone let me know if there is a cheaper way that was with ba thank you

  18. JRT – the agent price is included and air cargo is more expensive because there is tracking involved and the airline must care for your pet during the layover. The UK is a very expensive country to fly a pet into. The balance of the EU is not subject to these air cargo requirements.

    I will be leaving BC Canada for London England in January 2016. My small JRT via Air Canada has cost : $ 1.554.00 cn dollars ! I’m not sure yet what I why I am paying so much. I understand there is an arrangement via AC you are advised to process your pet through James Cargo Brokers at Heathrow
    I have completed all the export and import documentation myself including the booking of Vet checks. I had no -idea my JRT would cost more then my flight !Happy travels everyone.

  20. Hi Diane – Your kitty’s rabies vaccination must be current and administered after the chip was implanted. If you are a resident of Canada traveling to the UK, you will need an Annex II form for UK completed by an accredited CFIA veterinarian and endorsed by the CFIA within 10 days of entry into the UK. If you are on holiday, your EU pet passport should be good for your return to the UK. Check your airline’s requirements for a health certificate issued within 10 days of travel.

  21. I am wanting to take my cat back to the UK from Canada (she came with us ) She is fully jabbed up and micro chipped also as a pet passport. What else do I need to get her into the uk ?

  22. Frances – Your cat will need to meet the requirements for entering the UK as listed here: You will need to contace the cargo department of an approved airline as your kitty must arrive at LHR as manifest cargo. The following airlines have direct flights: British Airways, Air New Zealand, American, Lufthansa, United. Delta is also approved, but they cannot carry pets on their 767 aircraft.

  23. Need accurate costs and planning for a cat from los angeles to UK end Jan 2014 HELP Please!!

  24. You can take your dog or cat to the UK without it having to be quaranteened providing you have done the following:
    Had it microchipped for identity – with an EU readable chip. THEN, have its rabies vaccination.
    A ‘titre’ or blood sample needs to be taken and sent to an EU approved lab in your country of residence. The sample – plus the requirement for a microchip will veryify that it has sufficient rabies antibodies. It’s a complex process – but if you love your pet – it is do-able. We have just gone thro the whole thing with our 2 dogs – from the USA to the UK. There’s lots of paperwork but worth it. If you have kept good records of its rabies vacc along with its microchip numuber – you are a long way into the process. All the best.

  25. I am on the same page as Wolf Eyes – Can we immigrate to UK with the pet passport ?
    Help help help… we love our dogs. Who will give them more love than their owners/caregivers.

  26. I will be flying my dogs from South Africa to the UK by the end of the year. I still do not understand why they haveto go into quarantine for 6 months even though they are fully vaccinated, against rabies and everything! This law should be looked at again for responsible pet owners. The costs can be too much for many many people, and they are forced to leave their loved ones behind. Society is always pushing us to be good pet owners but when it comes to the crunch we are not helped or rewarded for wanting to take our animals with us to another country, but charged huge amounts of money and our poor dogs subjected to 6 months prison time. 6 months is a huge amount of their life!

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