Costs for taking your pet to England

We have received many comments recently regarding the costs of taking a pet to England. Every pet flying into England must arrive as manifested cargo. You cannot fly into England with a pet in the cabin. This is not a rule of the airline; it is a DEFRA requirement.

Here is the procedure as to how your pet will be handled once arriving in England:

The handler/agent that takes your pet from the airline to the DEFRA animal reception facility will charge a fee of about $150.00

There is an EU Border Inspection Fee of about $100.00.

DEFRA imposes a fee for their services at the animal reception center of about $330.00

This is the cost for the first animal. Additional animals are charged only a few dollars more up to 5 pets.

You should expect the entry fees to be between UKP400 and UKP450 (between $600.00 and $660.00 US)

Please note that these charges are as of June, 2010. They are subject to change. Pet travel to England certainly needs to be budgeted. Similiarly, so does preparation as the blood titre test needs to be done 6 months in advance of travel.

More information on our Pet Passport pet immigration rules for England.

7 comments to Costs for taking your pet to England

  • Hi Diane – Your kitty’s rabies vaccination must be current and administered after the chip was implanted. If you are a resident of Canada traveling to the UK, you will need an Annex II form for UK completed by an accredited CFIA veterinarian and endorsed by the CFIA within 10 days of entry into the UK. If you are on holiday, your EU pet passport should be good for your return to the UK. Check your airline’s requirements for a health certificate issued within 10 days of travel.

  • Diane

    I am wanting to take my cat back to the UK from Canada (she came with us ) She is fully jabbed up and micro chipped also as a pet passport. What else do I need to get her into the uk ?

  • Frances – Your cat will need to meet the requirements for entering the UK as listed here: You will need to contace the cargo department of an approved airline as your kitty must arrive at LHR as manifest cargo. The following airlines have direct flights: British Airways, Air New Zealand, American, Lufthansa, United. Delta is also approved, but they cannot carry pets on their 767 aircraft.

  • Frances

    Need accurate costs and planning for a cat from los angeles to UK end Jan 2014 HELP Please!!

  • Sheila

    You can take your dog or cat to the UK without it having to be quaranteened providing you have done the following:
    Had it microchipped for identity – with an EU readable chip. THEN, have its rabies vaccination.
    A ‘titre’ or blood sample needs to be taken and sent to an EU approved lab in your country of residence. The sample – plus the requirement for a microchip will veryify that it has sufficient rabies antibodies. It’s a complex process – but if you love your pet – it is do-able. We have just gone thro the whole thing with our 2 dogs – from the USA to the UK. There’s lots of paperwork but worth it. If you have kept good records of its rabies vacc along with its microchip numuber – you are a long way into the process. All the best.

  • Annetjie

    I am on the same page as Wolf Eyes – Can we immigrate to UK with the pet passport ?
    Help help help… we love our dogs. Who will give them more love than their owners/caregivers.

  • Wolf Eyes

    I will be flying my dogs from South Africa to the UK by the end of the year. I still do not understand why they haveto go into quarantine for 6 months even though they are fully vaccinated, against rabies and everything! This law should be looked at again for responsible pet owners. The costs can be too much for many many people, and they are forced to leave their loved ones behind. Society is always pushing us to be good pet owners but when it comes to the crunch we are not helped or rewarded for wanting to take our animals with us to another country, but charged huge amounts of money and our poor dogs subjected to 6 months prison time. 6 months is a huge amount of their life!

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