Airline Pet Policy Questions

Airline Pet Policy QuestionsFlying with a pet?   Have questions regarding airline pet policy?

  • Need to know what type of carrier you will need?
  • What does your pet need to fly as cargo?
  • Will the airlines transfer your pet from one plane to another?

Post your questions here and we will respond within 24 hours. You can also find information here: airline pet policies.


Airline Pet Policy Questions — 153 Comments

  1. Migi – first of all, you need to know that requirements to import your cat to the UAE. You can find them here: Your cat will need to arrive in Dubai as air cargo, so it will not be necessary to travel with it unless you don’t have anyone to do the pre-travel requirements. If you are not traveling with your cat, you will need to find an airline that flies the entire route. Do NOT change airline companies along the way as the airlines do not interline pets.

  2. Hi I’m currently living in Germany but my cat is still in Turkey (Gaziantep). I’m got a job in Dubai and want to take my car from Turkey to Dubai, how can I get it done? He has a Turkish vet passport with vaccines and microchipped and also blood tested and approved from Ankara. Can I hire someone to do it for me or I have to fly to turkey to take him and how? I’m planning to take Emirates Airline from Istanbul to Dubai and Turkish Airline from Gaziantep to Istanbul. Please let me know what I should do. Thank you very much.

  3. Serrot – no matter if you fly to Chicago, Minneapolis, Fargo or Bismark, you are dealing with 4 commercial airlines that accept dogs in cargo: Delta, United, American and Alaska (which connects through LAX or SEA so they make little sense.) None of these airlines will allow Frenchies in the cargo hold. The only opportunities that we know of are driving or flying them in a cargo-only airplane. The issue with the latter is that you need to have a flexible schedule as cargo-only airlines frequently change their schedules.

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