Airline Pet Policy Questions

Airline Pet Policy QuestionsFlying with a pet?   Have questions regarding airline pet policy?

  • Need to know what type of carrier you will need?
  • What does your pet need to fly as cargo?
  • Will the airlines transfer your pet from one plane to another?

Post your questions here and we will respond within 24 hours. You can also find information here: airline pet policies.

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  • betsy

    Okay, I will call and check. Thanks again for you help!

  • Betsy – if your puppy is not vaccinated, you will need to request home quarantine when entering the US. That should not be a problem. It is the length of the layover in Guangzhou that is concerning if your dog is traveling as checked baggage. If this is the case, confirm with the airline that you will not have to claim and re-check your pet.

  • betsy

    Okay, thanks Susan. I will have to ask and see, but I don’t think they have vaccinated her and now I only have 10 days till I travel back. Thanks for all your help though!

  • Betsy – it means that she needed a vaccination for rabies no sooner than 30 days prior to entry and not more than one year prior to entry. If her vaccination is current and was administered more than 30 days before entering the country, she will be fine. Hope that is clearer.

  • betsy

    Thanks Susan. I will have one layover, same airline in Guangzhou, with a layover time of 3 hr and 20 min.

    When the policy says “proof of rabies vaccination at least 30 days prior to entry”, does that mean that she needed the vaccination 30 days ago, or can she still have it now that its 10 days till travel?

  • Betsy – need additional information to answer your question. Are you transiting through China? What city? How long is your layover?

    As your dog will be traveling as checked baggage or manifest cargo in the hold, then the layover time will matter. You will need to confirm with the airlines that they will transfer your dog from plane to plane. You need to stay on the same airline in and out of the layover city.

    In order to enter the US, you will need proof of rabies vaccination at least 30 days prior to entry and a health certificate issued within 10 days of entry (for the airlines and to meet state requirements.) You can find details on entering the US here:

  • betsy

    I forgot to add that I will be traveling with China Southern from Nepal to China to LAX.

  • betsy

    Hello, I am currently volunteering in Nepal and am living with a family that has a small dog. They keep asking if I will take her with me and now that I only have 13 days left in Nepal, I am wondering if it is even possible. Is it too late to get everything needed for travel? Thanks for any help.

  • Dii – in many EU countries, fish are not subject to regulations and can enter the country from another EU or rabies controlled country without issues. We would suggest that you contact the PVD in Latvia to confirm. We are sorry not to be of more assistance.

    As for the airline, your beta will need to fly as accompanied checked baggage or cargo. We recommend that you contact the airlines because they do not publish that they transport fish on their aircraft.

  • Dii

    Please, help me. I’m travelling from USA to Europe (Latvia) and I want to take my betta fish with me! I can’t find any information about if it’s possible and what I have to do to make it possible?
    The other question is, what is the best way to transport betta in a plane?
    I have a non-stop flight from New York (JFK) to Riga (RIX) with Uzbekistan airways.
    Thank you!

  • Jose – to answer your first question, as long as you are remaining on KLM in and out of Amsterdam, if your cats are traveling in the cargo hold, they will be transferred from plane to plane. If they are traveling with you in the cabin, then, as long as you do not leave the terminal and clear customs, you will not need to conform to Netherlands regulations. (which entails at least one current rabies vaccination after the implantation of a microchip and a current EU pet passport).

    As far as regulations for pets to enter the US, the Center for Disease Control governs those requirements and rabies vaccinations are not requirements of that organization. However, this regulation is left to the states. In California, it is the California Department of Health. Regarding cats, they state: “All domestic cats must be healthy. Neither a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), also known as a health certificate, nor a rabies vaccination is required to import a cat into California; however, if traveling into California via airplane, please call the airline as they may have additional requirements.” We should mention that the airlines will most likely require a health certificate and, aside from that, it is a good idea to travel with one. Also know that other states in the US may have rabies requirements should you decide to travel in the US.
    Let me know if I have not addressed your concerns.

  • Jose

    Hi there,

    I’m flying (with KLM) with 2 (common european) cats from Spain to CA, USA, connecting at Amsterdam (less than two hours) and I’ve some questions:
    – Do the Dutch requirements to my cats apply due to the connection?
    – If so, what are those?
    – I see that the requirements for entering cats in the States are basically having a healthy cat (with certificate). No rabies or other vaccinations are required. The same for California. Am I right?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi Anne – the UAE requires all pets to enter as manifest cargo. It is not an airline policy; it is a government policy. You can find the requirements for importing live animals to Dubai here: Your pet will need a microchip, import permit, and endorsed proof of rabies vaccination and health certificate.

  • Anne

    Hi there,
    I have a quick question – I want to take my 4 month old puppy to Dubai from Toronto, I have looked at several airlines and wanted to know if you know what the country restrictions are for Lufthansa? as KLM does not allow pets in the cabin on the flight to Dubai.

  • Shirley

    We are moving from PA to CO, and need to transport our guinea pig. Has anyone used United’s PetSafe service? Most of the airlines will not allow him in-cabin, and was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Petsafe program. Thanks.

  • Gabrielle Adams

    Awesome thank you. I did think that was a weird requirement if I would not be leaving the airport in Russia.

  • It depends on whether you are changing planes or airlines. If you are just changing airplanes and staying onthe same airline, then you should not have to go through customs in Russia. The layover should be no more than 2 hours or you will need to contact Aeroflot and ask them to hold your pet in a secure area.

  • Gabrielle Adams

    Hi again. It says on their website
    rule number three for required documentation. I will be having a lay over in Moscow so I am not sure if that means they will go through customs there. Or will I only have to go through customs at the destination?

  • Hi Cabrielle – this requirement sounds like the one to enter Russia, not the Czech Republic. Where are you reading this policy?

  • Gabrielle Adams

    Hi I am looking to bring my cat on an Aeroflot flight to the Czech Republic. The policy states I need a “certificate from SKOR or RKF (Russian Breeding Clubs) that your pet has no breeding value.” But I can find no information on how to get this certificate. My cat is spayed so she can’t breed anyway. Is the vet certificate enough?

  • Hi Sheri – there are airlines that will require you arrange your pet’s transport out of the UK with an agent (British Airways is one of them) but it is not necessary with all airlines. Yes, your pet can travel as checked baggage if your airline will permit it. You should call the airline directly to discuss requirements. It is a concern that you are flying into PHX (DIA? did you mean Dallas?) in July. The term of the heat embargo is mid May through mid September, but the real issue is the temperature. When it exceeds 85 degrees, the airlines will not transport your pet in cargo. You can see if there are flights that arrive late at night or early in the morning when temperatures are not so extreme. Your options into Dallas are far greater than Phoenix. You may want to contact United, KLM or Air France to see if they have late night arrivals. Hope this helps.

  • Sheri

    Hi, we are relocating from London (Heathrow) to the US (either DIA or PHX). We need to transport our Golden Retriever. Can she be transported as excess baggage or can she only go cargo? If so, do you know if I have to use a transport company here in the UK or do I just call the airlines direct? Also I was worried about the heat embargo. We are due to move in July… Do you know the latest date that she could be shipped? Thanks so much for your help… we shipped her to the UK three years ago but this way around is proving to be more difficult.

  • Your question is best addressed to the airline itself. They control the type of aircraft that they use on their routes. Tell them where you are going and ask them if their aircraft can accommodate a series 700 crate. Our guess is yes, but we do not have control of the type of aircraft that will fly this route.

  • Brooke Koenig

    I will be traveling with SAS Airlines for a work related stay in the country of Denmark from April to December 2014, with a non-stop flight from Chicago to Copenhagen. I am looking into the requirements to travel with my dog, a neutered standard poodle, and by measurements he will need the giant IATA Compliant crate.

    On the ordering page for the crate, it states “Not all airlines will accept the giant crate for cargo or as checked baggage. Make sure to check with your airline before your flight.”

    I am writing to inquire if SAS Airlines allows the giant crates for the cargo hold where large pets would be transported.

    Thank you so much.

  • Hi Lynn – there are plenty of airlines that fly from LHR to IAD (Dulles) for example. All of these airlines have direct flights: British Airways, United, Lufthansa, Finnair, Delta, Virgin Atlantic and American. If your dog needs to be in cargo, it is likely that Delta may serve this route with a 767 which will not permit pets in the hold, but it will be fine with all the other airlines. If you want your pet to travel in the cabin, then it is the policy of the airline when flying out of London. Hope this helps.

  • lynn

    forgot to mention I would be flying with a dog…Oops!

  • lynn

    I need to fly from an East Coast City (Washington, Philadelphia, Raleigh Durham, Charlotte) to Amsterdam or Paris and back through London. Which airlines will let us fly out of London airports?
    Thanks, Lynn

  • Hello Teegan – unfortunately, Australia does not permit the import of chinchillas, fish, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, lizards, mice, snakes, spiders and turtles, so it is highly unlikely that any airlines will transport your pet on that route. Sorry…

  • teegan

    I am looking at china eastern airlines, a flight from vancouver to sydney australia with a transit in shanghai with my beautiful 1yr hamster. I have had no luck in finding any info about if i can take her on 5he flight with me.

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