Pet Friendly Hotel Policy

Be aware that more and more pet friendly hotels and accommodations are requiring proof of the good health of your traveling pet. Even though they are pet friendly, they still want to protect their property, their other guests, and their pets.

If you are traveling with your pet, you should always carry a certificate of good health from your veterinarian. This certificate will state that your pet is in good health, free from parasites, and that its shot record is up to date. For domestic travel, the date on the certificate is not important as long as the shots have not expired. For international travel it should not be more than 30 days, and in some cases 10 days since it was issued.  More International Pet Travel information.

BE A CONSIDERATE PET TRAVELER is an advocate for all types of accommodations that accept pets. We are always sorry when a pet friendly hotel tells us to remove them from the database because they no longer will accept travelers with pets. Sometimes it is just one bad experience that causes this action. Please follow these common sense rules:


Pet Travel wants to be an accurate source of information for people who travel with their pet. Those of us who travel with their pet know there is sometimes a wide variation from Pets Accepted to Pet Friendly. Tell us about your experiences both good and bad. If you find a hotel in the database that is no longer accepting pets please let us know. If you find one that does accept your pet let us know that as well so that we can add it to the database. Send your comments to or post your pet comments here.